Bankruptcy of the tour operator: “What a bankruptcy!”


Travel Operator on Bankruptcy

Travel Operator on Bankruptcy

All members of a hockey club, had been brought to the bus by a father. The departure to Spain – together with the coaches and carers – took place from the local station forecourt. The travel fever in all children and the anticipation of the two-week autumn vacation free time had been great for weeks. Now it finally started.

Arrived on site, enjoyed the coaches and all participants the mild, friendly weather on the Mediterranean. The hotel was well equipped with a view to sports groups, the mood was good and the food left nothing to be desired.

Suddenly the participants reached a bad news. The tour operator, a club as a sub-organization of a sports association, which offered trips for children and adolescents during school holidays, had become insolvent and filed for bankruptcy on the fifth day of travel because of financial difficulties.

A parent in the home personally convinced himself that the business premises of the tour operator were closed and orphaned. At the office door hung only a sign “to rent”. The phones glowed with everyone involved hot. Since the tour operator had paid neither the Spanish hotelier, nor the German bus operator, who had long since started the journey back home, so far in full, had suddenly been above all the further stay and the return transport of young people in question.

The association board was glad that the tour operator had completed the insolvency insurance prescribed by law for tour operators at Lindsey. Immediately reported the case of Lindsey. On the Lindsey printed security notes, which had been handed out to each traveler, found all the necessary data. Thus, the client funds were secured by Lindsey guarantee, so that if necessary, the paid travel price will be refunded and additional return travel costs will be reimbursed if the travel services can not be provided properly by the organizer due to its insolvency.

Also further trips of the same organizer turned out completely without replacement.

A redeeming message was a joy to all: at the same time as the youth of the hockey club, another tour group from an urban tour operator in the same city spent their vacations in the same hotel and still had enough space on the bus due to cancellations of sick participants. So all participants of the hockey club could be taken on the return trip, albeit two days earlier than booked.

For the open claims

For the open claims

For the open claims – both of the hotelier as well as the bus company – the Lindsey gave provisional cover commitments as suretyship insurers, because the local club representatives had to pay the hotel price again. In addition, the Lindsey reimbursed those affected the unused travel price.

As planned, all the children could be happily welcomed back home. Mareike, Miriam and Jonathan beamed when they saw their parents again. The saying “if someone does a trip, he can tell something” now, however, had a new meaning for the fetchers.

After the insolvency court’s investigation was completed, the bus company that had taken the children home from Spain was paid by Lindsey Insurance. In addition, the Lindsey refunded the sum that had been paid to the travel company in vain. The parents, whose children could not travel at all on later scheduled trips after the bankruptcy, were reimbursed in advance all down payments on the travel price.