Month: April 2021

LAPD fatally kills suspected gunman who killed 2 people, including a newlywed, in seemingly random madness: cops

[ad_1] Los Angeles Police fatally injured a man they claim led a violent shootout in the downtown area of ​​the city, where he allegedly shot several people and killed two, before leading the officers in a chase by car for several hours, officials said recently. The suspect, described only as a man in his late […]

The shooter in the murderous Los Angeles rampage had an arsenal of weapons at home, sources say

[ad_1] A man who engaged in a shootout in Los Angeles on Tuesday died after exchanging gunfire with police on 91 Freeway in Fullerton. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times) An armed man who engaged in a shootout in Los Angeles on Tuesday – killing two people and injuring two others – had an arsenal […]

CDC says fitted masks or double masking increase protection

[ad_1] Wearing a mask – any mask – reduces the risk of coronavirus infection, but wearing a more fitted surgical mask, or layering a fabric mask over a surgical mask, can significantly increase protections for the wearer and others, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Wednesday. New research from the agency shows […]

LAPD officials slam Oscar celebrities for anti-law rhetoric at police-monitored event

The stars at Sunday’s star-studded Oscars took aim at law enforcement as they stepped onto the podium for an event protected by personnel from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), among other agencies. Now union officials are criticizing the big names in Hollywood for their own “contribution to the glorification of guns, drugs and crime,” […]

Here are some big changes that could happen to the Marine Corps

The second round of Marine Corps changes in the way it fights shows movements of command, aviation, logistics and ground combat and changes that could see Navy Reservists in the United States using drones for active units overseas, abandon arms companies, infantry battalions and a host of other moves. These are some highlights of what […]

Oscar ceremony at Union Station disrupts COVID testing site

While people like Glenn Close, Daniel Kaluuya and Zendaya were quietly escorted to Union Station on Sunday for the 93rd Academy Awards, a different kind of procession was taking place around the corner: Angelenos struggled to find a COVID-testing site. 19 that had been moved from the front of the transit station to the back […]

The best travel spots in California to celebrate Earth Day 2021

[ad_1] By Rachel SchnalzerDesign and illustrations by Jade Cuevas Hello, fellow travelers, and happy Earth Day 2021. Over the past year, record numbers of people have found solace in nature, from America’s vast system of national parks to the comfort of their backyard or neighborhood. In this edition of Escapes, you will find several adventures […]

Possible seismic fault blocks proposed development of Hollywood’s first skyscrapers

[ad_1] When the developers announced a decade ago that they were planning to build Hollywood’s first skyscrapers along an aging and faded block of the famous Boulevard, Boosters saw it as a moment of transformation. Gentrification was already remaking Hollywood with a series of big, high-end developments, but this project was different. The complex would […]

Awareness, screening, assessment and referral

[ad_1] Picture Approach, Screening, Assessment and Referral (OSAR) is a service available to anyone interested in obtaining information about addiction services. OSAR can be the starting point for people who want help accessing addiction services, but don’t know where to start. OSAR services are integrated with Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHA) / Local Behavioral Health […]

Why did the White Lives Matter Huntington Beach gathering fail?

When white nationalists did not come out in threatening numbers on Sunday at a rally in Huntington Beach, many counter-protesters saw it as a victory. “We won the day,” Los Angeles activist Najee Ali said hours after the protest began. “They won’t show up. They are vastly outnumbered. The community of Huntington Beach won. Yet […]

Biden chooses 2 critics of Trump-era immigration policies for key homeland security roles

[ad_1] President Joe Biden on Monday appointed two critics of Trump-era immigration policies to key positions in the Department of Homeland Security. The appointments come as the Biden administration faces a growing number of people attempting to enter the country along the southwest border. Biden named Tucson, Arizona Police Chief, Chris Magnus, Commissioner of Customs […]

Tension between rival protesters at Huntington Beach rally

On Sunday, a crowd of White Lives Matter protesters and anti-racist counter-protesters filled the streets near Huntington Beach Pier, but quickly dispersed after police declared a gathering illegal amid more clashes. and more hostile between supporters of Donald Trump, those who displayed allegiance to white supremacist groups and their opponents. Several hundred people gathered in […]

LA County worries about declining vaccination rates among men, while other disparities persist

[ad_1] This is an archived article and the information in the article may be out of date. Please look at the history’s timestamp to see when it was last updated. As vaccine eligibility expands in Los Angeles County, authorities are working to ensure equitable distribution and address persistent disparities in immunizations across communities. Many counties […]

Tiger Woods did not receive preferential treatment after the crash

There was an obvious question raised by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s statement that Tiger Woods’ car crash in February was caused by excessive speeding. Why didn’t Woods get a speeding ticket or reckless driving ticket if he was driving almost twice as fast as the allowed speed on the twisty road where he lost […]

Finished Mozart? Classical Music V. Cancel Culture

Well, we’ll admit it: Mozart was a pig! It is a fact, for example, that Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart (1756-1791), better known as Wolfgang Amadeus, enjoyed scatological humor, which came out particularly strongly in the 10 surviving letters to his cousin Maria Anna Thekla Mozart, known as Bäsle, meaning “little cousin”. Some see his […]

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