Adorable child tortured to death with a blowtorch

A tragic one-year-old boy has been tortured to death with a mini blowtorch as part of an alleged evil campaign of ‘continuous abuse’.

Jamari Mendez’s parents, Ricardo Mendez, 27, and Antanita Miller, 24, have been arrested on suspicion of causing the sickening lesions, bruises and burns left on her tiny body.

Staff at Pomona Valley Hospital in California, USA pronounced the child dead upon arrival on April 25 and promptly contacted the Barstow Police Department.

Officers spoke with horrified doctors and handcuffed Mendez and Miller for murder the same day.

One of the gruesome instruments used to abuse him was a mini blowtorch, known as a torch lighter and often used in kitchens, authorities say.

Ricardo Mendez of Barstow, California, has been charged with torturing and murdering his one-year-old son

The Barstow Police Department said on April 27, “On Monday, April 25, 2022, at approximately 7:55 p.m., officers from the Pomona Police Department responded to Pomona Valley Hospital to investigate the suspicious death of a one year old male child.

“The child arrived at the hospital unresponsive and was pronounced dead by medical staff upon arrival.

“Pomona Police Detectives observed that the child/victim sustained injuries consistent with ongoing abuse.

“Officers observed visible signs of trauma to the victim’s body, such as lesions, bruises and burn marks.”

The police explained that it was clear that the torture had lasted for some time.

Antanita Miller
Antanita Miller was arrested on suspicion of torturing and murdering little Jamari

They added: “Some of the wounds appeared to be at different stages of the healing process.”

The statement continued: “Further investigation by Pomona Police Detectives has revealed that the abuse likely occurred at the child’s home where he lived with his parents in Barstow, California, and that the victim died of these injuries in Barstow before his parents drove him to Pomona, California.

“The Pomona Police Department subsequently advised the Barstow Police Department of the status of their investigation.

“The Barstow Police Department has assigned homicide detectives and crime scene investigators to this investigation.

“Detectives and crime scene investigators responded to the child’s home in the 700 block of East Virginia Way in Barstow and Pomona Valley Hospital.

“Detective Mathew Helms and Detective Monty Franklin responded to Pomona where they interviewed witnesses and contacted the parents of the victim, Ricardo Mendez, a 27-year-old Barstow resident and Antanita Miller, a 24-year-old Barstow resident.

“During the investigation, detectives learned that on April 25, 2022, at approximately 7:00 p.m., Ricardo Mendez and Antanita Miller arrived unannounced at the Mendez family home located in the town of Pomona.”

Local authorities continued, “Family members located the victim’s lifeless body in the back of Ricardo Mendez and Antanita Miller’s vehicle.

“Some of Mendez’s family immediately drove the victim to Pomona Valley Hospital for treatment.

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“Ricardo Mendez and Antanita Miller stayed at the family home and did not go to the hospital initially.

“Antanita Miller eventually arrived at the hospital where police detained her. Ricardo Mendez left the family home and was located and detained in the 2100 block of Spencer Street by Pomona police.

“Barstow Police Detectives served search warrants on the home of Ricardo Mendez and Antanita Miller and on their vehicle.

“During the service of search warrants, detectives located evidence that was allegedly used in the assault on the victim.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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