Al Nas Hospital philanthropist’s new OOH campaign on Cairo billboards | INSITE OOH multimedia platform

Al Nas Hospital, the new charity hospital for children with congenital heart defects, considered one of the most distinguished medical centers in the Arab region and Africa, appeared on billboards in Cairo with an OOH campaign.

Almost a year and a half ago their beginnings on billboards in Cairo, Al Nas Hospital launched a new OOH campaign in an effort to raise funds. Providing world-class free medical services to the Egyptian child, the hospital is in need of donations and that’s why the ad tries to elevate people’s sense of philanthropy through the simple call to action” انقذ قلب طفل” which translates to “Save a Child’s Heart” demonstrating the impact of donation. “All Egyptian Banks” as well as “Fawry” can be seen on the ads.The visuals are colorful, cheerful and certainly eye-catching.

Launched towards the end of January, the campaign aims to encourage people to donate.

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