ANF ​​seizes 2,285 kg of drugs valued at $ 168 million and arrests 30 hawkers

ISLAMABAD: The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) seized 2,285.04 kg of narcotics worth US $ 168.539 million internationally, arrested 30 drug traffickers and confiscated 15 vehicles during 33 anti-narcotic strikes in all the countries.

According to the spokesperson, the drugs seized included 113.88 kg of heroin, 2,076.85 kg of hashish, 79.85 kg of opium, 10 kg of amphetamine, 4.25 kg of methamphetamine (Ice), 1210 valium tablets (0.210 kg). In Balochistan, the force recovered 652 kg of drugs in 1 operation. The drugs seized included 652 kg of hashish.

The force in Punjab had recovered 10.885 kg of drugs in 2 operations while arresting 3 accused. The drugs seized included 10.885 kg of heroin. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the ANF had recovered 315.83 kg of drugs in 14 operations while they had arrested 10 accused including 1 woman and 2 Afghan nationals and impounded 4 vehicles.

The drugs seized included 63.88 kg of heroin, 226.95 kg of hashish, 15 kg of opium and 10 kg of methamphetamine (Ice). The Sindh Province Anti-Narcotics Force recovered 1,146.03 kg of drugs during 7 operations while arresting 5 defendants and confiscating 3 vehicles.

The drugs seized included 0.270 kg of heroin, 1,128.05 kg of hashish, 13,500 kg of opium, 4 kg of methamphetamine (ice) and 1,210 valium tablets (0.210 kg).

The force had also recovered 160.295 kg of drugs in 9 operations and arrested 12 accused including 1 woman, and captured 8 vehicles. The drugs seized included 38.845 kg of heroin, 69.850 kg of hashish, 51.35 kg of opium and 0.250 kg of methamphetamine (ice).

The cases were registered at the respective ANF police stations under the CNS Act of 1997 and investigations are ongoing.

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