Anti-drug agent Sameer Wankhede tricked ex-wife’s cousin into case: PCN’s Nawab Malik

Sameer Wankhede’s father recently filed a libel complaint against Nawab Malik. (To file)


Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik on Thursday brought new allegations against the area director of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) in Mumbai, Sameer Wankhede, claiming that the officer wrongly accused his ex-wife’s cousin in a drug case to pressure his family not to speak out against him.

Speaking to reporters in Mumbai, NCP chief Malik said Mr Wankhede also tricked another youth, the son of an IPS officer, into a drug case following the a dispute with the latter’s family and that the youngster was subsequently arrested.

Mr. Malik also strongly supported the former interior minister of Maharashtra and colleague of the party Anil Deshmukh, arrested by the Directorate of execution in a money laundering case, saying he was “trapped” in abusing central agencies.

NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar also said on Wednesday that an injustice was being inflicted on Deshmukh, who is currently in judicial custody.

Mr Malik continued his tirade on Thursday against Mr Wankhede, an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer, who has been married to actress Kranti Redkar since 2017. The NCB officer divorced his first wife Shabana Qureshi in 2016.

“(M) Wankhede thought his first wife would speak out against him. So, through a peddler, (M) Wankhede planted drugs and had his cousin arrested through the anti-narcotics cell. state police, “said the minister.

“The family of his first wife were threatened that if they spoke out against (Mr.) Wankhede, the whole family would be labeled a drug trafficker and arrested,” he continued.

Mr Malik attacked Mr Wankhede following the NCB raid on a cruise last month, which resulted in around 20 people including Aryan Khan, the son of actor Shah Rukh Khan, were arrested. Aryan Khan and some of the other defendants were subsequently released on bail.

The minister also accused Mr Wankhede of falsely incriminating people in drug cases and gaining a government job by falsifying his documents.

Mr Wankhede’s father recently filed a defamation complaint against Mr Malik.

On Wednesday, Mr Malik applied to the Bombay High Court for permission to file an additional affidavit with documents to prove his claims regarding Wankhede’s caste certificate, saying he wished to submit the admission forms to the school of the latter and its certificate of end of primary studies.

These documents mention Mr. Wankhede’s Muslim religion, he alleged.

The minister had previously alleged that the BCN officer was born a Muslim, but had secured a central government post claiming to belong to a listed caste.

Mr. Wankhede has denied the allegations made against him.

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