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Posted May 10, 2022

Arlington evaluates results from the first year of Vision Zero, the critical transportation safety initiative with the goal of getting residents, commuters and visitors safely to their destinations no matter how they travel in the county .

In May 2021, the county council adopted the Vision Zero action plan, a 5-year roadmap to reduce serious and fatal traffic accidents through a data-driven holistic approach. The Vision Zero program is a collaboration between county safety-related departments to ensure that all possible projects and programs support safe access and transportation options.

The annual Vision Zero Year 1 report summarizes the progress made on each of the more than 90 action items set out in the five-year action plan during the program’s first year. Here are some notable examples of security efforts in Year 1:

  • Completion of the 2020 collision hotspot analysis and action strategy
  • Examination of Arlington High-Risk Network Corridors via Safety Walk Audits
  • Animation of 55 courses or events on transport safety with more than 2,800 participants
  • Expanding county automated enforcement capabilities (including red light camera program and laying the groundwork for a new speed camera program)
  • Introducing 20 mph school slowdown zones in 11 neighborhoods to test speed reduction strategies that will improve safety around schools in Arlington County
  • Working with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to improve safety on state-maintained roads

The county Vision Zero team will host a Year 1 wrap-up open house on Wed 11 May, at the Lubber Run Community Center. The public can come anytime from 5-8 p.m. to learn more about Vision Zero and share their thoughts on transportation safety to help the team prepare for Year 2.

The county will kick off the second year of the program by launching a Critical Traffic Accident Awareness Campaign. The effort includes messages focused specifically on changing the most common human behaviors that lead to serious or fatal accidents in Arlington. The campaign will run from May to December 2022 and will focus on different behaviors each month, starting with Bike Awareness Month in May.

Look for Critical Traffic Crash Awareness messages this summer. Remember: always stay aware of your surroundings, no matter how you move!

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