Avoid Slander, Spread AAP’s Positive Work: Kejriwal to Workers Before Election | Latest Delhi News


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) organizer Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday urged party workers to campaign positively and avoid abuse or slander against opponents, and instead to tell people how the AAP government in Delhi transformed schools, hospitals, roads, and electricity and water supplies.

“When you go on an election campaign, always keep this thought in mind: you go out to make changes in this country like a true deshbhakt. You are not campaigning for the sake of electoral victory, but to eliminate a corrupt system from its base to implement a system of honesty and integrity. The AAP government in Delhi has proven that change is possible, ”Kejriwal said in a video address to party workers as the AAP seeks a national footprint in the upcoming Uttar legislature elections Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur.

The AAP is the main opposition party in Punjab, but has no presence in the other four states.

“The Delhi government is a living testament to how honest governments cannot just survive but create examples for the future,” said Kejriwal.

Delhi’s chief minister denounced opposition parties in all five states for corruption. “Various political parties have told us that running a government is not that easy, it requires a certain element of corruption and fanaticism. The AAP government (in Delhi) has proven that governments can also be run with honesty. These parties have told us that winning an election requires trucks full of money and even more deception. The AAP has proven that elections can be conducted with honesty and can also be won with honesty, ”said Kejriwal.

CM reported that the AAP government has proven that schools cannot just be improved but revolutionized and that children of the poor can stand on the same pedestal as children of the rich. “These parties haven’t been able to repair public hospitals in 75 years, but the AAP has done it in just five years. This has given this country immense hope that politics can be revolutionized for good. Yes, it is possible, but it is not easy. It requires dedicated effort like what has been seen in the struggle for freedom. Every AAP volunteer should pledge not to rest until they eliminate this corrupt regime that plagues the country, ”CM said.

The AAP leader has called on party volunteers to undertake a door-to-door campaign following the restrictions given the surge in Covid cases. “Door to door is allowed. All of our volunteers should go door to door with all their might. Whenever you go to someone’s house, first ask them how they are doing, how everyone’s health is. Before asking for votes, if they need help, do so first. See this as an opportunity to engage in service to the people, ”Kejriwal said, adding that they should later explain to voters the achievements of the AAP government in schools, health care, electricity and water supply. in Delhi.

“Tell them the PAA would do the same in your state if it came to power. Remember, we do not have to abuse or slander another party or party member. We need to orchestrate a positive campaign. We have to go to every door, regardless of their political position. Treat each as your own and win it, ”Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal added that volunteers should be prepared to confront critics of their “free” claims. “If someone asks you why the AAP gives freebies – ask if it isn’t a government’s duty to ensure the highest standards of education for every child in this country? The idea of ​​being in government translates into the fact that ministers and deputies receive free services while the public runs from pillar to post. The AAP will change that. Now ministers and MPs will serve the public while the people enjoy the best facilities, ”Kejriwal said.

India’s Election Commission on Saturday announced a seven-phase voting schedule starting February 10 for five states – Goa, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur and Punjab – which are expected to vote for a new legislature, with the final tally taking place March 10.

Professor Tanvir Aeijaz, associate professor of political science at Ramjas College, said the election campaign was about political mobilization. “Political parties, including those who formed the government, must mobilize on issues that go hand in hand with constitutional morals. A positive campaign would therefore mean articulating and aggregating the public interest in terms of the achievements or non-achievements of the government in place. The political campaign should not be waged along conflicting lines by invoking caste, color or religion, ”Aeijaz said.


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