Bamidele Abiodun leads campaign against drug addiction


Ms. Abiodun with the AJOSE Foundation and the Ogun State Drug Control Committee

By Nimot Sulaimon

Achieving a drug-free society is a collective effort that should not be left to government alone but jointly managed by individuals and institutions for a better and secure future for all.

The First Lady and wife of the Governor of the State of Ogun, Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun, with the aim of making the State a drug-free society, is leading a campaign against drug addiction.

Ms Abiodun, AJOSE Foundation and Ogun State Drug Control Committee (OSDCC), Ministry of Health, highlighted this during the public meeting held to commemorate the United Nations Day against the This year’s Drug Abuse and Trafficking Theme “Share the Facts About Drugs, Save Lives” held at Oba Complex, Oke Mosan, Abeokuta.

Ms Abiodun stressed the need to focus on information and communication given the age of social media, noting that many young people mirror the actions of their peers online and shape their lives after the celebrities they they see it in music videos and movies.

She noted that “Many of these platforms are full of portrayals of drug use linked to wealth and a fashionable lifestyle. Policymakers should use these platforms to creatively communicate facts about drugs and the danger they pose to the lives of those who engage in their use. We must harness the power of the media to deliver a powerful message about illicit drugs ”.

She added that “One of the goals of this year’s theme on fact-sharing is also to tackle misinformation about drug use. Many believe that certain drugs make them bold and a false sense of confidence.

“The effect of this is that a lot of our young people, some 13 to 15 years old, buy into these lies and start using drugs early on and they get addicted even before they are 20 years old. Now is the time to focus on a more effective way to reach our people where they are and in the language they understand ”.

The First Lady said that one of the areas of intervention of her animal project,
The Ajose Foundation was to work with at-risk children and youth who face common issues associated with growing up, adding that the Foundation would step up tactics to get them the right message.

In her speech, Health Commissioner Dr Tomi Coker said that some 35 million people suffer from drug use disorders according to the 2018 United Nations Office on Drugs and Drugs survey. crime (UNODC), noting that young people are the most vulnerable.

She added that the state government is committed to focusing on young people by educating and enlightening them through information sharing and education to change the behavior of drug addicts so that they can live a life. drug-free and advising them on the dangers inherent in drug addiction.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Dr Adesanya Ayinde, in his remarks, listed some of the commonly consumed drugs and unconventional substances like nicotine, marijuana, codeine, cocaine, heroin, tramadol, morphine, alcohol, glue, fumes from pit latrines and mixtures. of different kinds.

He reaffirmed the determination and commitment of the Ogun State Drug Control Committee (OSDCC) to continue the campaign to combat the threat to ensure that people enjoy good health, peace and safety, whatever the task.

The event brought together representatives of youth organizations, the Association of Automotive Technicians of Nigeria, market women, community development associations, among others.


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