Boutique agency SG runs campaign to warn marketers about common unsavory advertising tactics

Singapore-based digital marketing agency JET.AVE has launched a “public awareness campaign” for marketers to make a more informed decision when appointing partners and marketing agencies. Titled “#CheckThatQuotation,” the campaign features a series of creatives that highlight selling tactics used by the agency community such as the use of jargon, clickbait promotions with hidden fine print, as well as the inflation of the value of the contract by embellishment.

The visuals include the use of juxtapositions and hyperbole for added impact, as well as cheeky and questioning taglines. For example, a visual presented an “advertisement” of the local dish char kway teow, sold for SG$0.10, along with a fine print copy of the “Terms and Conditions” section which lists foods that would not be included in the meal – leaving diners with only the noodles. The ad also featured the caption “Good deal, of course boo (Good deal, are you sure)? »

Another visual includes two images: a house floating with a large balloon and another house firmly anchored to the ground despite the large number of balloons attached to the house. The visual also captioned “Are you getting quality or quantity?”

jet.ave house

Other visuals included comparisons between two similar products. One such comparison was between two identical burgers. On the left, it was marketed for less than SG$10, with a simple slogan, “With everything you like and a galette of your choice”. The burger on the right, however, marketed the burger at SG$99.99, along with a detailed explanation of why this burger is more special, such as the use of “freshly picked vegetables”, “cheese aerial” and a “secret recipe sauce”.

jet.ave burger

The agency said the campaign that was created internally is about educating marketers, rather than pointing fingers at industry players. He added that as the marketing industry grows and evolves rapidly, it is no surprise that there are service providers with different business models, pricing structure and method of detailing their deliverables. every two days. “What one may consider unethical, others may say is creativity, an attempt at transparency or even a business strategy. While it’s hard to standardize quotes, I think as agencies what we can do is educate client-side marketers on how to evaluate them,” the agency said. .

Most importantly, at the end of every creative, there’s a tagline that tells marketers the question they should ask themselves when they see a sales pitch like this and not take it at face value. the letter, he added. The campaign is currently rolling out across JET.AVE’s social media accounts and website today, and will be further amplified through media buys on Facebook and Instagram over the next three weeks.

Launched in 2016, JET.AVE specializes in content marketing and social selling. In April last year, the Children’s Cancer Foundation named JET. AVE as the creative agency for its Hair for Hope campaign, which was also the year the event went fully digital. In addition to media planning and branding tasks, JET.AVE created Hair for Hope’s first AR filter, branded stickers and a Facebook DP frame. the Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapore (Muslim Women’s Association of Singapore) also appointed the agency in October of the same year to handle creative duties for its month-long fundraising campaign, held in conjunction with World Mental Health Day.

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