Bradford Women’s + group completes the Complete a scholarship for a sister campaign

329 people from the community will receive a handbag or backpack full of essentials as a gift this holiday season

Thanks to the generosity of Bradford residents and businesses, 329 people in our community will receive a handbag or backpack full of essentials as a gift this holiday season.

The Fill a Purse for a Sister Campaign is an annual initiative that aims to bring comfort, hope and dignity to women and youth in crisis through the donation of handbags. The Bradford Women’s + group was Bradford’s community leader again this year, working with community groups, local businesses, schools, professionals and residents to raise donations during the month of November.

“The Bradford Collection for the Fill a Purse for a Sister campaign has always been a true community effort. Each year we feel inspired and grateful for the continued kindness and support from our neighbors and local businesses, ”said Tricia Hulshof, member of the Bradford Women’s + Group. “We hope that handbags and backpacks show members of our community that they are part of a community that cares about them.”

The 329 handbags and backpacks are donated to five local nonprofits that provide services to people in crisis, fleeing violence and abuse, or who might enjoy some extra joy this holiday season. Abus Hurts, Imani’s Place, A Hand Up Clothing Room, CONTACT Community Services and UPlift Black will receive donations this week and distribute them to people in the community ahead of the holidays.

“We are more than grateful for the handbags and the continued support for the women of Imani’s Place,” said Lisa Ogbole, executive director of Imani’s Place, a black-run and survivor-run shelter for women who have suffered. domestic violence, human trafficking, or other forms of violence and abuse. “This year has been a difficult year for the most vulnerable women and these donations can help them end their year on a high note. ”

The Bradford Women’s + Group would like to thank Bradford Wellness, Times Designs and GoodLife Fitness for donating their space as a drop-off location for the second year in a row, as well as Lullaboo Nursery and Childcare Center, South Simcoe Wreaths, Jaydee’s Market, F45 Training, Century 21, Chris Hadfield Public School, Sai Ranade, Backroads Riding Club, Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association and the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library for their contributions. Local community group Bradford Hustlers played an important role in this year’s campaign, helping to coordinate collection boxes and pick up donations.

“It is a privilege to have the opportunity to volunteer and help in your own community. Everyone should take this opportunity to give back where they can, ”said Bradford Hustler, Mariam Qureshi. “It has been an honor for the Bradford Hustlers to be a part of this journey and we will continue to give back and help Bradford thrive.”

On Sunday, December 5, more than 35 women and youth representing the Bradford Women’s + Group, the Bradford Hustlers, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association and UPlift Black gathered at the Bradford branch of the Royal Canadian Legion to sort donations, fill in handbags and backpacks, make a final count and prepare donations for delivery. The Legion graciously donated its hall at no cost, providing a safe and welcoming space for groups to come together and wrap up the 2021 campaign.

“Fill a Purse for a Sister is a campaign led by women that highlights how important it is for women to lead and organize in our community,” said a member of the Bradford Women’s + group. Jennifer Lloyd. “We look forward to providing more opportunities for women + to take action, embrace leadership and impact the lives of others in 2022!” “

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