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KARACHI: The Pakistan Red Crescent Society Sindh Chapter launched a campaign on Monday to clean up beaches in Karachi.

Hundreds of students from various universities, colleges and schools in the city, the general public, Red Crescent staff and volunteers took part in the campaign.

It instilled a sense of belonging and civic responsibility as participants played their part in reducing plastic waste and marine pollution by collecting and sorting plastic waste at Seaview.

The program was a joint venture of the Climate Advocacy and Coordination for Resilient Action (CACRA) and Urban Action Kit projects funded by the German Red Cross.

The aim of the campaign was to mobilize communities to participate in a healthy activity and involve people in the removal of litter from beaches, as well as to identify the causes of litter, change people’s behaviors and raise awareness about litter. extent of marine pollution.

Muhammad Sajjad, Program and Disaster Management Officer of PRC-Sindh, said the multiple consequences of climate change compel stakeholders and communities to work together for climate change adaptation.

CACRA was launched by the Pakistan Red Crescent Society with the support of the GRC in 2017. It was one of its components which sought to improve collaboration with stakeholders to address the impacts of climate change in localized regions. and create disaster risk management tools, he said. Earlier, the PRC-Sindh signed a joint statement on climate change with many stakeholders working to raise awareness of climate change in Pakistan, he added.

Ghulam Rasool Farooqui said the initiative was also part of the UAK project, which was a quick-start, low-cost, do-it-yourself guide to urban resilience activities that increased an organization’s visibility and commitment. community on urban issues.

He pointed out that people should understand the value of cleanliness as Islam also taught us to keep the environment clean.

He urged visitors to refrain from littering beaches and asked them to pick it up and put it in bins instead.

Posted in Dawn, June 28, 2022

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