Campaign to step up – The Hindu

To encourage more households to sort their waste at source, Urbaser-Sumeet, the company contracted by Greater Chennai Corporation to collect and transport waste in seven areas, has launched an intensive door-to-door campaign.

The company manages conservation works in two areas of the central region and in the five areas of the southern region. These seven areas accounted for almost 50% of the waste generated in the city.

VR Hari Balaji, Head of Information, Communication and Education Department, Urbaser Sumeet, said that under the new campaign, company employees will visit each household for four consecutive days.

“We got this idea from one of our Battery Vehicle (BOV) operators who felt that visiting a household just once to raise awareness and not following up may not yield the desired results,” said- he declared.

As part of the new campaign, BOV operators, accompanied by one or two senior managers who deal with monitoring and awareness campaigns, will visit each household for four days in a row. “The idea is to educate them and see if we can get them to sort their waste at least for a few days in a row with the hope that they will gradually make it a habit,” he said.

Mr. Balaji said the company is introducing cash reward schemes for BOV operators to encourage them to regularly engage with households in the respective areas to improve source segregation.

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