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Eleazar assures public there is no cover-up or neglect in war on drugs deaths

Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Police General Guillermo Eleazar reiterated on Wednesday that there was no cover-up of deaths during illegal drug operations and that an investigation was underway. Eleazar responded to the latest report by international rights watchdog Investigate PH, which expressed concern over the alleged cover-up and lack of credible autopsy of murders […]

The physicochemical properties of nanomaterials influence their ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier

Nanomaterials in consumer and healthcare products can pass from the bloodstream to the brain side of a blood-brain barrier model with varying ease depending on their shape – creating potential neurological impacts that could be to be expected. both positive and negative, a new study reveals. Scientists have found that metal-based nanomaterials such as silver […]

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