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Rural California towns are becoming fertile ground for the cannabis black market

The legalization of recreational marijuana in 2016 came with the promise that regulating weed sales would cripple the black market and bring significant revenue to the state. However, the illegal market has reached an unprecedented level and has spurred a new wave of organized crime, violence, environmental destruction, worker exploitation and death. The illicit market […]

Asian Americans sue Siskiyou County and its sheriff for bias

Four Asian American residents have filed a class action lawsuit against Siskiyou County and its sheriff, alleging widespread racism in traffic stops, access to water and enforcement of cannabis-related property liens. In the lawsuit, filed in federal court in Sacramento on Wednesday, plaintiffs accuse Sheriff Jeremiah LaRue and other county officials of “an extensive campaign […]

LA DA George Gascon seeks appeal to California Supreme Court in battle over three-stroke case indictment

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! FIRST ON FOX: Democratic Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon is again seeking to appeal a court’s findings that he is ‘exaggerating his authority’ and must indict the cases as required by California’s ‘three strikes’ law. . Court records show Gascon’s attorneys filed a petition for review […]

LA mayoral candidate calls police ‘watchdog’ of white supremacy amid rising crime and homelessness

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! A Los Angeles mayoral candidate described police and other law enforcement as the “watchdog” of white supremacy in a recent interview ahead of the June primary election. Gina Viola, a self-described ‘abolitionist’ activist and member of ‘White People 4 Black Lives’, registered at the last minute to […]

Tofurky wins lawsuit allowing use of ‘sausage’ and ‘hamburger’

This week, Tofurky’s vegan offerings have been legitimized as “real” burgers and sausages. The Tofurky Company and other producers of plant-based meat products have fought to use words like “burger” and “sausage,” which were once relegated to beef, pork, and other animal proteins. Now herbal products can use these words on packaging. It comes after […]

Chicago Police Department latest to lower hiring standards due to staffing shortages

CNN — After Chicago police announced two weeks ago that the department would waive a college credit requirement for some recruits, 400 applicants applied the same day and the department has had continuous spikes in applicants since then, it said Tuesday. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown. Brown announced last week that the department would waive […]

EXPLANATION: Will burglar alarms still work after 3G goes down?

NEW YORK (AP) — As telecommunications companies launch the next generation of mobile servicescalled 5Gthey shut down old networks – an expensive process, which has been going on for years and is now leading to calls for a delay, as many products still rely on the old standard, 3G. AT&T should be the first operator […]

It helped catch serial killers. Can he also stop elephant poachers?

Cambodian law enforcement officials received a tip from US Department of Homeland Security investigators. At the Phnom Penh freight terminal, a freight container – believed to be carrying legally harvested timber from an African country – was unloaded for inspection. Officials opened large logs and discovered more than a ton of illegal elephant ivory and […]

50 Cent Just Gave Us All A Surprise “In Da Club” Performance While Hanging Upside Down

Never mind the action on the field in the NFL’s showpiece game: for many, this weekend will be all about Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar. And the man who helped bring the nostalgic Super Bowl LVI halftime show to life is a British television producer named Hamish Hamilton. Since […]

Hip-hop’s biggest stars have turned the Super Bowl into the ultimate house party. Here’s what it looked like.

Never mind the action on the field in the NFL’s showpiece game: for many, this weekend will be all about Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar. And the man who helped bring the nostalgic Super Bowl LVI halftime show to life is a British television producer named Hamish Hamilton. Since […]

LA Just Launched America’s Largest Free Ride Experience

Photo: Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images In March 2020, Los Angeles transit agency Metro stopped collecting fares for its buses as a COVID-19 safety measure. Over the next 22 months, Metro scrapped fares for anyone who wanted to continue using its buses wherever they wanted to go (as long as they […]

Members of Parliament shot an autistic man, then the justice system terrorized him. There is a better way.

Lawyer Austin Dove speaks at a press conference in April on the shooting of Isaias Cervantes by sheriff’s deputies at his Cudahy home on March 31. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times) Isaias Cervantes had become restless and started pushing his mother. Autistic and deaf, suffering from anxiety and possibly intellectual disability, the […]

State Education Officials Seek to Accelerate Addition of 10K School Counselors

Faced with a shortage of mental health counselors in schools, the state Department of Education is seeking to bring 10,000 more professionals to campuses at a time when federal public health officials are calling for action to address the growing youth mental health crisis in the country. The adviser’s effort, which requires legislative approval, would […]

California labor laws of 2022 include higher minimum wage and more

[ad_1] An explosion of COVID-19 infections at large businesses such as supermarket chains, meat packers, fast food outlets and warehouses has highlighted the weak penalties in California’s worker safety laws. And the Cal / OSHA workplace safety agency, with one inspector for every 103,000 workers, said it was understaffed to visit 80 percent of sites […]

Riot Games agrees to $100 million settlement in sex discrimination lawsuit

The company said it will pay $80 million to class action members, including all current and former female full-time employees and temp agency contractors in California who worked from November 2014 to present. today. An additional $20 million will be paid for attorneys’ fees and miscellaneous expenses, Riot Games said in a statement. Other stipulations […]

Drakeo the Ruler slaughter: feuds, security under surveillance

[ad_1] On Saturday night, just after Al Green finished serenading tens of thousands of fans at the Once Upon a Time in LA festival with classic love songs like “Let’s Stay Together” and “Love and Happiness”, rapper Drakeo the Ruler has been brazenly ambushed. behind the scenes and stabbed in the neck. The incident occurred […]

Crime rises on trains and buses in LA as COVID eases

[ad_1] While waiting for a subway train in Hollywood, Maritza Mancilla sheltered behind the escalator bringing passengers into the subway lit by fluorescent lamps. She wanted to see the newcomers before they could see her. The 55-year-old woman, who uses public transport to get to her job as a cleaner, has seen fights break out […]

Police Commission supports $ 213 million increase in LAPD budget

[ad_1] The Los Angeles Police Board on Tuesday approved a $ 213 million budget increase for the police department next year, a plan that would increase police numbers. The committee voted to approve LAPD leader Michel Moore’s request for a budget of $ 1.9 billion, which represents a 12% increase in general fund spending this […]

Crime on trains and buses rises as pandemic abates

[ad_1] While waiting for a subway train in Hollywood, Maritza Mancilla sheltered behind the escalator bringing passengers into the subway lit by fluorescent lamps. She wanted to see the newcomers before they could see her. The 55-year-old woman, who uses public transport to get to her job as a cleaner, has seen fights break out […]

Editorial: Arm LA city park rangers? This idea should be shot

[ad_1] Here’s a looming disaster: Park rangers with guns patrolling LA city parks. On Tuesday, a Los Angeles City Council committee will consider a motion from City Councilor Joe Buscaino to arm the city’s park rangers. It’s an extremely bad idea at any time – let alone when the city is supposed to reinvent public […]

Mono Lake is a source of fine powder air pollution

[ad_1] Lee Vining, California – For those who live near the brackish shores of Mono Lake in California, October can be a dreadful month. That’s when turbulent winds scour Mono’s exposed lake bed, or “tub ring,” and toss clouds of fine dust that blanket homes, ranch lands, and scenic trails. For 50 years, the vast […]

Annoyed by dust pollution, authorities around Mono Lake call on Los Angeles to stop water diversions

[ad_1] Passing clouds provide a striking backdrop to the exposed tuff towers along the shore of Mono Lake. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times) For those who live near the brackish shores of Mono Lake in California, October can be a dreadful month. This is when turbulent winds scour Mono’s exposed lake bed, […]

Criticize Villanueva as much as you want. West LA is behind him

[ad_1] For the publisher: I wish Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva along with the rest of law enforcement would support the county’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. That said, that doesn’t take away from my immense admiration for the sheriff’s proactive stance on cleaning up homeless settlements, which without him would still linger on the Venice […]

Town to clean up Koreatown collector’s house

[ad_1] Cardboard boxes, aluminum cans and other trash are stacked 8 feet high in the front yard of the Koreatown house, obscuring the front windows and threatening to spill over onto the sidewalk. Neighbors say they have been complaining to city officials for years. On Tuesday, the owner, a 90-year-old woman, agreed to allow city […]

USC admits to having “troubling delay” in warning community of fraternity drug and sexual assault allegations

[ad_1] USC on Friday acknowledged a “disturbing delay” in warning the college community about drug and sexual assault allegations by a fraternity last month, a rare faculty protest adding to growing criticism of the management of the crisis by the university. In a message to the campus community on Friday night, USC President Carol Folt […]

Weekly News Summary – 10/24/2021 | eHop

[ad_1] Main Street Corridor Project – Weekly Update • Landfill work for public services continues – A second electric manhole will be installed • Conservation Commission discusses Connelly Farms and Leonard Street projects • Notice of the Public Forum of the Zoning Advisory Committee – 2021 • Select Board Roundup: Beloin new police officer; Prior […]

Select Board roundup: Beloin new police officer; Prior selected for the Planning Council; approved neighborhood plan

[ad_1] At Tuesday’s board meeting, Shannon Beloin was unanimously approved as the city’s new police officer. Beloin has worked the past five years in Provincetown, including a stint as a school resource manager. She holds a BS in Criminal Justice from Bridgewater State University and is pursuing a Masters in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis. […]

Ridley-Thomas charges add to uncertainty at LA city hall

[ad_1] In a town where the mayor is halfway there, a former city councilor has been sentenced to jail and another is awaiting trial, the indictment of City Councilor Mark Ridley-Thomas has dealt another blow to the stability of the government of the city of Los Angeles. Mayor Eric Garcetti is still awaiting a confirmation […]

Los Gatos woman accused of organizing drunken parties for teenagers

[ad_1] LOS GATOS, CA – OCTOBER 12: The house of Shannon Brugar pictured in Los Gatos, California on Tuesday October 12, 2021. Shannon Bruga, has been arrested and faces 39 criminal charges, leading to felony and offense of endangering children, sexual According to authorities, the charges of battery, child abuse and misdemeanor for providing alcohol […]

Biden Restores Utah National Monuments | New

[ad_1] President Joe Biden restored the protected national monuments of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante on Friday after former President Trump drastically reduced them in a bid to open more sensitive public lands to ranching, exploitation mining and oil drilling. The president also re-established a marine conservation area off the New England coast that Trump […]

Biden to restore Bear Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments to original boundaries – CBS Denver

[ad_1] WASHINGTON (AP) – President Joe Biden will restore two sprawling national monuments in Utah that have been at the center of a long-standing dispute over public lands, and a separate marine conservation area in New England that was recently used for commercial fishing . The environmental protections of the three monuments had been removed […]

Residents support city of Central Valley amid drought in California

[ad_1] STRATFORD, Calif .– Ramon Chavez was 7 years old in Culiacán, Mexico when his parents told him they were going to the United States. He thought he was going to Disneyland. They ended up in Stratford. Chavez spent his childhood and adolescence running in the small farming town in the Central Valley and swim […]

California To Impose New Vaping Tax To Help Reduce Teenage Use

[ad_1] SACRAMENTO – Amid concerns over widespread teenage vaping, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday approved a new 12.5% ​​excise tax on e-cigarettes to be paid by California consumers to boost public health and health programs. ‘education. The aim of the legislation is to discourage vaping by minors and further align taxes on e-cigarettes with taxes […]

COVID outbreaks in Los Angeles police, firefighters: the numbers

[ad_1] Hello and welcome to Essential California bulletin. It is Tuesday September 28. I am Justin Ray. A revealing new report reveals reluctance to vaccinate among those charged with ensuring public safety. Los Angeles County health officials have identified hundreds of coronavirus outbreaks in police and fire departments since the start of the pandemic. They […]

Homicides in the United States increased by almost 30% in 2020, biggest jump in one year on record, according to FBI

[ad_1] Homicides in the United States in 2020 increased nearly 30% from the previous year, the biggest jump in a year since the FBI began keeping records, according to figures released by the agency on Monday. . Homicides and non-negligent manslaughter increased about 29.4% to 21,570, an increase of 4,901 from 2019, according to FBI […]

White House ordered border officials to clean up bridge by Friday night ahead of BLM protest: sources

[ad_1] DEL RIO, Texas – The Biden administration has set a Friday night deadline to clear the Haitian migrant camp that has caused major headaches in the White House, sources told Washington Examiner. Two senior officials from the Department of Homeland Security said the camp, located under the Del Rio-Acuna international bridge, was creating a […]

4 suspected CA militia members plead guilty to conspiracy in fatal Oakland Federal Guard shooting

[ad_1] Four members of an alleged California militia group have pleaded guilty to conspiring to obstruct justice in the case of a federal guard who was shot dead in Oakland over a year ago, federal prosecutors have said . The men – followers of the ‘boogaloo’ movement, a concept adopted by a loose network of […]

Hiltzik: COVID vaccination mandates and the quitting myth

[ad_1] It’s no secret that the pandemic has been a rich breeding ground for infectious nonsense of all kinds. Get ready for a whole new genre. We are talking about reports of massive resignations caused by vaccination warrants. These are starting to spread in the press and social networks. For the most part, there is […]

Bill to revoke police certification for gross misconduct approved by legislature

[ad_1] California has put in place some of the strongest legal protections for law enforcement officers in the country over the decades. This is why a Danville policeman accused of falsely shooting a man in 2018 was able to stay in the street, only to kill again earlier this year. And that’s why officers who […]

LA cut police budget, then put $ 47 million in overtime on the city’s “credit card”

[ad_1] LAPD agents at the headquarters of the city center department. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times) Faced with massive protests against the murder of George Floyd, Los Angeles City Council took dramatic and symbolic action last year, cutting $ 150 million from the Police Department’s budget and promising to put that money […]

Smoke from Northern California wildfires moves to LA

[ad_1] Smoke from several wildfires in northern California is moving south, creating potentially hazardous air quality for the Los Angeles area. The South Coast Air Quality Management District has issued an advisory until Thursday morning for much of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. “The wildfires in northern and central California produce thick smoke […]

FDA Fully Approves Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine / Can Employers Mandate Vaccinations? / CDC urges COVID vaccines during pregnancy / B Street Theater full season

[ad_1] Update requiredTo play audio, update the browser or Flash plugin. Nurse Nicole Chang celebrates after receiving one of the first injections of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 in Westwood, California. Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times via AP, Pool We learn how […]

Reviews | How the Taliban turned smartphones into weapons in Afghanistan

[ad_1] On August 14, a day before armed fighters flooded into Kabul, a Twitter account for one of the Taliban magazines published a video of six nervous Afghan government soldiers seated in a truck surrounded by Taliban warriors. The message included a text excerpt, in Pashto, one of the two main languages ​​of Afghanistan: “While […]

Southern California drought worsens, with Ventura County in worst category

[ad_1] An aerial view of Lake Casitas near Ojai in Ventura County shows a receding waterline on June 22. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times) As sweltering drought conditions continue to worsen across California, Ventura and other counties in southern California have gone from “extreme” to “exceptional” drought conditions, according to the US […]

Ventura and other SoCal counties fall into worst drought category as dry conditions persist

[ad_1] As sweltering drought conditions continue to worsen across California, Ventura and other counties in southern California have gone from “extreme” to “exceptional” drought conditions, according to the US Drought Monitor report. Along with Ventura County, northwestern Los Angeles County, most of Kern County, and eastern San Bernardino County are also in the higher range […]

Rams, Chargers will require fans to wear masks during games

[ad_1] The Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers will continue to enforce COVID-19 protocols in 2021. All fans attending Chargers or Rams games in 2021 will be required to wear masks when seated at SoFi Stadium, except whether they eat or drink, the Rams said Tuesday. . The teams will adopt the policy after […]

California has closed a major hydroelectric plant in Oroville because there is not enough water to supply it

[ad_1] Drought-stricken California shut down one of its largest hydroelectric plants on Thursday because there isn’t enough water to power it. The Edward Hyatt six-turbine power plant was decommissioned after the water level in the Oroville Dam reservoir that feeds it reached an all-time low of less than 642 feet (195.7 meters) at above mean […]

Formerly incarcerated teens share their research and ideas on how to improve the juvenile justice system

[ad_1] “They treat us like animals. “I was described as a threat to society by two judges. “ These are just two of the comments made by incarcerated teens in focus group interviews at a juvenile detention center in New Mexico. In two-hour sessions, the young inmates shared their stories of how they broke the […]

Faced with “serious water shortages”, California bans pumping of Delta

[ad_1] By Rachel Becker CalMatters In an aggressive move to address “immediate and severe water shortages,” the California Water Board this week unanimously approved emergency regulations to temporarily prevent thousands of farmers, landowners and others divert water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta watershed. The new regulations – the first to take such sweeping action for […]

LAPD officer is tased as he resists arrest on suspicion of assaulting his adult son

[ad_1] A Los Angeles police officer was tased by Ventura County sheriff’s assistants trying to arrest him on suspicion of causing bodily harm to his adult son on Saturday. Armando Magana, 46, a training officer in the Van Nuys division of the LAPD, was severely drunk when he violently resisted attempts to arrest him before […]

COVID Vaccines Important As Los Angeles ‘Breakthrough’ Cases Rise

[ad_1] Los Angeles County has seen an increase in ‘breakthrough’ coronavirus cases lately, but data continues to show that those vaccinated for COVID-19 enjoy vigorous protection – even against the contagious Delta variant – and are much less likely to be hospitalized if they become infected. The latest figures highlight how the county’s recent wave […]

Northern School Districts, Lawmakers Vote on New CDC Guidelines and Precautions in Schools | Community

[ad_1] GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Caroline) – Tim Waller with Greenville County Schools says it doesn’t matter what happens with COVID-19 or its delta variant, and despite new guidance from the CDC, the district will not be bringing back any COVID restrictions on its own. “Our hands are tied,” he explained. This is due to new […]

Ojai Residential School Drops Former Campus Principal’s Name After Sexual Abuse Report

[ad_1] Thacher School, one of California’s most elite private schools, announced Thursday that it will be removing its former principal’s name from the campus dining hall and athletic field. The move is part of a series of steps following a report last month that detailed decades of allegations against faculty members of student sexual misconduct, […]

California sees little push for COVID vaccine, needs more

[ad_1] With the summer coronavirus outbreak in California worsening, authorities are unveiling new rules, stepping up efforts to get more people to wear masks, and even using a few sharp remarks as part of an urgent campaign to stimulate vaccinations and slow the rapid spread of the highly infectious Delta variant. The state on Wednesday […]

California urges wear masks indoors as coronavirus worsens

[ad_1] Health officials are urging fully vaccinated Californians to resume wearing masks in indoor public places amid the latest sustained and significant wave of COVID-19. “The Delta variant has caused a sharp increase in hospitalizations and case rates statewide. We recommend masking in indoor public places to slow the spread while continuing our efforts to […]

LA Metro plans to increase ridership to pre-pandemic levels

[ad_1] With the threat of COVID-19 receding, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans to focus on increasing ridership levels that fell 70% during the pandemic and expanding transportation service by common to low-income communities, according to senior transit officials in the agency’s annual report. of the Agency’s event. For the first time in […]

GOP candidate for governor John Cox says California should force homeless people to undergo treatment before providing housing

[ad_1] John Cox, a Republican candidate for governor of California, said Monday he would force homeless people into mental health or addiction treatment before providing them with housing as part of his efforts to halve homelessness in five years. In his second gubernatorial candidacy, Cox also said he would step up law enforcement against people […]

Californians must look for work to qualify for unemployment assistance

[ad_1] item CANOGA PARK, CA – MAY 14: Brenda Bermudez came to seek information on her unemployment claim but found the California State Employment Development Department closed on Thursday, May 14, 2020 in Canoga Park, CA. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles SACRAMENTO, California. – California will stop paying unemployment benefits to people who […]

Pentagon chief: army has already launched “beyond the horizon” operations in Afghanistan

[ad_1] US military has already started conducting so-called “over-the-horizon” operations as it withdraws from Afghanistan, defense secretary says Lloyd AustinLloyd AustinSchumer to Break GOP Blockade on Biden’s State Choices Overnight Defense & National Security – Presented by General AM – Afghan evacuation still frustrates diplomats express “frustration” at Blinken at Havana syndrome: PLUS report said […]

COVID has hit an LA Black-owned business, but a bike store has sprouted

In April 2020, during the first days of the pandemic shutdown, Kellie Hart found herself anxious to get out of the house. A former athlete who played college basketball, she craved activity. A social butterfly, she missed going out with friends and meeting people. To alleviate these desires, she created a bicycle club. Over a […]

U.S. bill seeks to recognize native tribe of Mono Lake basin

They were expert hunters, gatherers and basket makers who lived for thousands of years on a trade route over the Sierra Nevada connecting them to the rest of California. The modern history of the people of Mono Kutzadika Paiute Lake is told primarily through economic hardship, displacement, and a 150-year struggle for federal recognition as […]

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