City Center Bahrain continues to advance its sustainability efforts with international best practices

  • The mall continues to set new benchmarks in Bahrain’s retail sector for applying international best practices in sustainability
  • Investments in sustainability initiatives since 2018, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption of more than 17%, water consumption by 23% and an improvement in waste management of approximately 35%

Manama, Bahrain: City Center Bahrain, the Kingdom’s premier shopping, entertainment and lifestyle destination, owned and operated by Majid Al Futtaim, continues to demonstrate its increased efforts to build on its net positive carbon and energy targets. water. Investing in sustainable best practices since the start of its operations in 2008, City Center Bahrain has strived to significantly reduce the company’s water consumption and carbon emissions in order to give back to the environment more than it deserves. don’t withdraw. This is in line with the Kingdom’s commitment to reduce emissions by 30% by 2035.

The mall’s sustainability initiatives are part of Majid Al Futtaim’s overall community-centric sustainability strategy and are linked to the company’s commitment to become Net Positive in carbon and water by 2040.

Rethinking its resources to meet its use of resources for net positive impact has been central to City Center Bahrain’s sustainability plans. These initiatives range from community-focused improvements to infrastructural upgrades to mall assets. From introducing a recycling program by installing 85 recycling bins in the mall to encourage environmentally friendly behavior among mall visitors, to installing 15,746 LED light bulbs, to installing a RO water plant and investing in solar panels to use sunlight as a power source to generate 4.7 megawatts of DC electricity. Every effort is made to improve the mall’s overall energy efficiency and sustainability.

Thanks to these initiatives, City Center Bahrain has reduced its energy consumption by 17% and its water consumption by 23%. The Shopping Center has also improved its waste management by approximately 35%.

Duaij Al Rumaihi, Shopping Center Manager of City Center Bahrain, said, “At City Center Bahrain, we continue to scale up our sustainability initiatives by exploring new opportunities and innovative solutions to have a net positive impact on the local community. while playing a leadership role in accelerating action in the retail sector. Implementing best practices and eco-friendly behaviors allows us to work with our retailers and partners to make meaningful progress in our sustainability journey while encouraging our shopping center visitors and the wider community to adopt an eco-responsible attitude.

City Center Bahrain has also engaged its retailers and tenants to reduce their energy, waste and water consumption in order to make their daily operations “greener” while offering sustainable products. This is based on the mall’s “Big Vote” customer campaign which reveals that visitors to downtown Bahrain support brands that engage in eco-friendly initiatives such as vegan menus, upcycled fashion, use sustainable materials and give back to the community.

The Mall continues to introduce initiatives that could be effective in influencing consumer behavior and empowering them to make more sustainable choices. The mall’s recycling video focusing on its commitment to recycling and reusable energy attracted 12,176 people, while its Earth Hour social media awareness campaign to commemorate World Environment Day drew a large online audience of 9,797 with over 7,600 impressions.

Among the mall’s green consumer initiatives, more than 5,000 customers last year during the mall’s winter campaign made a voluntary commitment to recycled paper. 65 female customers participated in a sustainable fashion workshop organized by the mall in collaboration with fashion designer Maha Al Qassab, and to learn more about transforming t-shirts into tote bags in the workshop led by students at the Royal University for Women.

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