City of S Reap plans campaign to eliminate New Years waste

Siem Reap provincial authorities led the clean-up campaign on Monday. Siem Reap administration

Siem Reap provincial authorities have launched a campaign to clean up the environment in Siem Reap town after international New Year celebrations there in order to maintain its beauty and raise awareness of environmental issues.

At the opening ceremony of the “Clean City, Good Environment, Good Health” campaign following the city’s busy New Year celebrations, Siem Reap Provincial Deputy Governor Ngan Phirun said that the clean-up campaign afterwards was very important and what made Siem Reap The special thing about the city was its clean environment, good atmosphere, healthy green plants and colorful flowers.

Phirun added that the campaign was also aimed at raising awareness of environmental hygiene to improve the environment, because cleaning life brings good health.

“Therefore, the organization of this campaign is important to encourage all social strata to participate in sanitation, as well as to inspire a movement to clean up the environment around their homes and in public places through the proper garbage disposal, ”he said.

Phirun urged everyone to help revitalize the city by ensuring visitors find clean surroundings and litter-free villages.

He stressed that it was also very important to get people to switch from using plastic products to other options, as plastic pollution was accumulating to an alarming degree and seriously threatening the ecosystems of the planet.

“We all have a responsibility to protect the environment and to work together to dispose of waste properly,” he said.

Siem Reap Provincial Hall spokesperson Liv Sokhon told The Post that the campaign aims to get more people involved in proper waste disposal.

“After the New Year’s celebration, there was a lot of garbage everywhere and the province always cleans up after the big festival events. Actually, there are companies that we could contract with to do the cleanup, but we are doing this extra work to boost people’s morale and get the community to pay attention to the environment as Siem Reap is a province that relies on culture and tourism. ,” he said.

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