CTP accelerates awareness campaign to educate road users

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – October 10, 2021): Traffic Chief (CTO) Rawalpindi Rai Mazhar Iqbal, said on Sunday that the educational wing of the city traffic police (CTP) had stepped up its awareness campaign underway to educate road users.

On the instructions of the Regional Police Officer (RPO) Rawalpindi, Imran Ahmar, the CTP also briefed motorcyclists on the rules of the road and road safety.

He informed that CTP handed out safety helmets, side mirrors and rider awareness brochures here the other day and that riders have been briefed on traffic rules.

Motorcyclists have been instructed in the use of safety helmets, side mirrors, and told that most road crash fatalities have been reported in particular motorcyclists who do not wear safety helmets and do not use no side mirrors.

He said road users should strictly observe road signs, signals and all other traffic rules and regulations.

Safety helmets could prevent head injuries in traffic accidents, the CTO added.

Thanks to awareness campaigns and strict enforcement of the highway code, the loss of precious lives in traffic accidents has decreased by 20% in 2021 in the district of Rawalpindi compared to last year, a- he added.

The police used all available resources in addition to taking strong measures to control traffic accidents and ensure smooth traffic on the roads.

The CTO said the traffic police focus on education in road safety and traffic flow, while no challan goal is given to traffic officers, but code violators were penalized to ensure their own safety and to protect them from traffic accidents.

Awareness banners were also displayed at important locations in the city, he added.

He said the educational wing of the traffic police has made an effort to educate the public so that the road trip can be made safe and sound.

Traffic rules should not be broken as such violation with careless driving can lead to fatal accidents, he added.

He said traffic police broadcast information on various roads and traffic lights to educate citizens about traffic rules, signals and damage caused by traffic violations.

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