DEA Partnership May Add Member to Havasu Drugs Task Force | Local News

A partnership between Mohave County and the US Department of Justice this year could provide an additional officer in the Lake Havasu City anti-drug task force.

Under the deal, Mohave County would provide a deputy sheriff to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency for at least two years. During the term of the agreement, the Deputy would operate under the direct control and supervision of the DEA. The deputy will be required to follow DEA procedures and will be deputy as a member of the DEA working group.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Deputies assigned to the task force will be tasked with disrupting drug trafficking in the Havasu area, gathering drug trafficking intelligence and carrying out undercover operations.

Under the deal, the DEA will in turn assign up to four of its own agents to the Lake Havasu City DEA task force. The agency will provide the necessary funds and equipment for the task force, including office space, equipment, travel expenses and other necessary items.

Meanwhile, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office will be responsible for maintaining the salary, benefits and overtime of his deputies on the task force. Under the agreement, a quarter of the substitute’s overtime will be reimbursed by the DEA.

Cheri Oz, special agent in charge of the Phoenix DEA field office, approved the deal on September 9. The deal will take effect Oct. 1 if approved by the Mohave County Supervisory Board at the next board meeting on Monday.

– Today’s News-Herald

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