Denouncing ‘Cancel Culture’, California State Senator Seeks Political Affiliation Protected Class


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A California state senator has proposed legislation to curb the so-called cancellation culture by adding political affiliation to a list of classes – such as race, gender, and religious belief – that are protected by California anti-discrimination laws.

State Senator Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) introduced two bills: the first, which she dubbed the Diversity of Thought Act, would make political affiliation a protected class under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act; the second would change the state education code and force schools to tackle bullying based on a student’s political beliefs, just as schools are forced to eliminate bullying on the basis of race , gender and sexual orientation.

If the first bill became law, it would be illegal to deny someone a job or to deny housing on the basis of that person’s political affiliation. Landlords couldn’t evict someone just because of their political beliefs; banks and other lenders would not have the right to deny funding to someone on the basis of their policy.

It is not known if anyone in the state has been evicted or turned down a mortgage because of political beliefs.

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