Depp’s team begins cross-examination of Heard

Heard says Depp threw a phone in his face

Amber Heard recalled an incident in her apartment in May 2016, after a month without seeing Depp.

She said Depp called her and was talking about having a forensic and DNA analysis of the feces left in her bed.

Heard said she thought Depp was “crazy” and that his drinking problem hadn’t improved. Depp’s mother, Betty Sue, had also recently passed away.

Depp met Heard at their penthouse to talk and so Heard was able to clarify that she was not involved in the feces incident, saying it “didn’t make sense” for her or her friends to do this.

She then called friends to “appease the delusions” Depp was having.

During a call with IO Tillett Wright, Heard said Depp was shouting and calling IO names.

IO then told Heard she was unsafe and needed to leave the house immediately, Heard said.

Depp heard that and got even angrier, Heard said. Depp continued to yell at IO and call him “every name imaginable you could call an LGBTQIA person.” Depp accused IO of wanting to steal Heard from him, then threw the phone in Heard’s face, Heard said.

A physical altercation ensued and Heard’s friend Raquel Pennington, who lived next door, intervened to get in the middle of Depp and Heard.

After Depp and his security guards left, Heard said police were called to the Eastern Columbia Building in Los Angeles.

She said she felt “freaked out” and called her entertainment lawyer who referred her to a domestic relations lawyer.

When police arrived, Heard said she told them she refused to cooperate on the advice of her attorney.

She testified that she did not cooperate or file a police report because she wanted to protect Depp.

“I didn’t want him to get in trouble,” she said. I didn’t want the world to know.”

Heard said her friend took pictures of Heard’s face and the condition of the apartment, showing the damage she claims Depp caused in the incident. Photos were taken before, after and during the officer’s visit, Heard said.

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