Detective praises victims after pervert Worksop was jailed for 26 years after ‘horrific sexual abuse’ of two girls

Trevor Hawker committed several sexual assaults against his first victim, when she was just seven years old, but the abuse was not prosecuted until his second victim came forward years later.

Hawker, 42, from Cheapside, Worksop, was found guilty of ten counts of sexual assault and two counts of rape, at hearings in May 2021 and March this year.

Nottingham Crown Court heard his second victim was under 13 and the rapes were preceded by sexual touching.

Trevor Hawker.

On Friday, recorder Michael Auty QC told him he had caused “serious psychological harm” and would have posed “permanent danger if you had not been detected”.

“It is clear from this brief statement of the circumstances that a very considerable prison sentence must be imposed on you in this case,” he said.

Mitigating Andrew Wesley said: ‘The fact that he was caught means he is less likely to re-offend.

He said a career with the RAF was cut short when Hawker was injured in an accident during basic training and “he’s been trying to make the most of that ever since”.

Nottingham Crown Court.

The judge told Hawker, “Where there is a campaign of rape, then the starting point for rape-only offenses is at least 20 years in prison.

“It has to be fair in my opinion.

“Doing my best and trying to balance the tension that undoubtedly exists in this case, I have come to the conclusion that the least sentence I can impose is 26 years.

“Mr. Wesley persuaded me not to declare you dangerous under any circumstances.”

He imposed an unlimited sexual harm prevention order and placed Hawker on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life.

“The parole board has the right to consider your release after serving 13 years,” he told Hawker.

“It does not mean that you will be released. You might end up serving the entire sentence. They won’t release you until they’re satisfied you’re no longer a risk to the public.”

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Following the sentencing, DC Hearing Officer Dave Randall said: ‘First and foremost, I would like to salute the bravery and courage of the survivors in this case, as their evidence enabled us to put a dangerous man behind bars.

“They revealed the most horrific sexual abuse and the sentence reflects the gravity of what Hawker did to them.

“By refusing to admit what he did, Hawker forced both victims to relive their horrific ordeals during the trial.

“I hope they find strength and comfort in seeing this man sent to prison for the horrific crimes he committed against them.

“This case should remind us that Nottinghamshire Police investigate all reports of violence and sexual abuse in the same way we always do – with professionalism, compassion and a determination to uncover the truth.

“I strongly encourage all victims and witnesses in cases involving any type of sexual abuse to come forward to report them.”

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