Domestic violence survivor Jamie Wright launches campaign to give domestic victims a chance to hope


September 22, 2021 – Going through the experience of domestic violence during COVID-19, Jamie R. Wright, with bravery and resilience, took charge of his life and also helps many others; help restore hope and happiness to those who thought it was impossible.

Domestic violence is a terrible reality that many people face from intimate partners and family members. Covid-19 with its restrictions has had several victims locked up with their attackers with no way to escape, unfortunately. Jamie R. Wright, a domestic violence survivor, made her way through homelessness during the height of the Covid pandemic demonstrating bravery and resilience. Committed out of selflessness and disregard for his personal safety, Jamie R. Wright is committed to providing education, empowerment and encouragement to individuals and groups who are victims of domestic violence, to help them cope.

As a survivor of domestic violence, she is an inspiration, lending a hand in support of others, a courageous feat undertaken. She is on the move to end domestic and spousal violence in communities of color. This will be accomplished by delivering a survivor-led awareness, education and empowerment campaign in these communities, which will lead to self-esteem, hope and happiness.

This campaign led by Jamie R. Wright is a service designed to empower and educate. It also provides group coaching, community outreach and evaluation of the effectiveness of domestic and intimate partner services aimed at helping survivors have a chance to lead better lives. A life free from violence, a life they don’t need to live in fear for their life or their well-being.

In keeping with Home Awareness Month in October, Jamie R. Wright would be on the Amber Neal Show with Ms. Amber Neal and DJ Houston, at 3 p.m. CST / 4 p.m. EST / 1 p.m. PST. The weekly show airs online on the BossUp Houston Network. Jamie R. Wright would also participate in the ‘Light the Night Purple’ event hosted by Gustavia Pearls Women’s Outreach to raise awareness about domestic violence.

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