First Lady urges public to support and shelter victims of domestic violence

First Lady Fazna Ahmed urged the public to support and shelter victims of domestic violence.

Taking to the podium at the ceremony where she launched the first edition of “Saasthura” magazine, a product of the Ministry of Gender, Family and Social Services as part of its “Geveshi Gulhun” campaign, the first lady stressed the importance of supporting and accommodating the less fortunate, especially those going through hardship.

Shedding light on the Ministry of Gender’s campaign, Fazna stressed the importance of building and ensuring healthy and positive relationships at home as well as strengthening family ties, especially respecting all members of the household.

That being said, she urged the public to ensure that compassion is a shared value in all positions in the family.

The first lady also urged men to recognize and acknowledge the important responsibilities that women take on.

Fazna then shed light on the importance of the campaign in raising awareness and eliminating domestic violence.

The magazine launched on Monday contains articles on preventing domestic violence, creating and strengthening family ties as well as information for victims and on victim support services.

The “Geveshi Gulhun” campaign was launched in 2020.

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