Fox host Kennedy berates Kayleigh McEnany’s substance abuse advice

Fox News host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery pushed back on Monday against outrage from her network colleagues over so-called “harm reduction” programs, which are designed to prevent and reduce overdose deaths by destigmatizing illicit drug use and addiction.

Notably, Kennedy took issue with former Trump spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany’s adoption of the Reagan-era mantra “Just Say No,” pointing out that “doesn’t work” for people who are already struggling with drug addiction.

On his HBO show Real time On Friday night, Bill Maher, who has become a conservative media hero in recent months, raged against the The New York City Health Department’s latest ad campaign encouraging users to test their drugs, avoid using them alone, and take safety precautions. Additionally, he took snaps of San Francisco’s similar approach to harm reduction.

“OK, that’s the first thing he says. Yes, this is part of the loss of civilization problem. Shame is part of life.” Maher scolded Friday night about the NYC ad telling users not to “be ashamed” that they are using.

“We do this to everything. Toxic positivity. “Everything is positive.” Not everything is positive. You should be ashamed of using, it might help you quit,” added the pot-smoking comedian and longtime marijuana legalization advocate.

Applauding Maher on Monday’s show of Outnumbered, McEnany noted that “too often” she finds herself saying that the late-night comic “is right.” Meanwhile, lone male panelist Brian Kilmeade said he was able to use Maher’s “two or three clips” each week on fox and friends even though HBO’s host is supposedly “liberal to the core.”

The rest of the hosts then took turns against the New York campaign, with Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner going so far as to say ‘it’s almost like China is writing the talking points’ as they are ‘happy’ to keep Americans “hooked”. ” due to being the largest manufacturer of fentanyl.

“I read that part and maybe we shouldn’t do this now,” Faulkner added. “I’m confused. What does it mean to take turns? How does that help anyone?”

Kennedy, however, offered an endorsement of harm reduction programs, which largely focus on education campaigns and overdose prevention centers which provide drug addicts safe places to use drugs under medical supervision.

“I’ll tell you. Sadly, I know people who have overdosed on fentanyl and it’s tragic. The purpose of these is to prevent more loss of life,” the Libertarian host replied. You don’t want people to die. Of course, we don’t want people to use drugs that will kill them.”

She continued, “People are still using drugs. You can have all the “Just Say No” and DARE programs you want, it won’t stop people from using drugs.

Kennedy explained that one of the benefits of “taking turns” drug users is that others can see if what they inject is safe and react accordingly, especially if the drugs are mixed with fentanyl. While the rest of the panel presented their objections, she further pointed out that the presence of fentanyl and naloxone strips, sold under the Narcan brand, could save lives.

“Do you want people not to use drugs? Yes, it is the ultimate ideal. But nothing the government has done so far has stopped people from using drugs,” Kennedy said passionately.

“I prefer ‘Just Say No’,” McEnany replied.

“It works for you and that’s great. For people who are already addicted, it doesn’t work,” Kennedy retorted.

She added that it’s also “for teenagers who are dumb enough to try it for the first time”, exclaiming that “I hope my kids aren’t in this position, but if they are , I hope someone has Narcan and I hope they have fentanyl sticks to catch it.

McEnany of course ignored Kennedy’s responses, saying there was still “no safe way to use” the drugs. Kilmeade then replied that it was the same as ‘going drinking’ making sure to bring ‘the paddles because you might have a heart attack’.

Wasting no time, Kennedy flatly replied, “Or make sure you drink plenty of water and eat some protein before you drink so you don’t get sick.”

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