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Jupinderjit Singh

Chandigarh, July 24

Seven notorious gangsters, including five listed as ‘A’ category, are wanted by Punjab police in murder, looting, extortion and kidnapping cases, but have been hiding ‘conveniently’ in Canada for several years .

They are said to work with radical organizations, which carry out terrorist operations and murders in Punjab, in addition to making calls for extortion.

The murders of Sidhu Moosewala and Ripudaman Malik highlighted the link between gangsters and radical elements. Case

Police have named them as defendants in three recent cases – an attack on intelligence headquarters in Mohali on May 9, the murder of Sidhu Moosewala on May 29 and the murder of Ripudaman Singh Malik in Surrey, Canada, on July 14.

Of the seven gangsters, those on List A are Lakhbir Singh, alias Landa, wanted in the attack on the intelligence headquarters; Goldy Brar, wanted in the Moosewala murder; Charanjit Singh aka Rinku Randhawa; Arshdeep Singh, aka Arsh Dala; and Ramandeep Singh, aka Raman Judge.

The other two gangsters are Gurpinder Singh, alias Baba Dalla, and Sukhdul Singh, alias Sukha Duneke. Both are unclassifiable and wanted in the event of targeted assassinations.

All seven started out as petty criminals and over time became radicalized gangsters, the police file says.

The Indian government has issued Red Corner Notices (RCNs) against four of them, while the process for the others is ongoing. Extradition proceedings will begin once Canadian authorities have confirmed that the accused are in their country.

One country issues a surveillance circular to security agencies, airports and other transport authorities to “search for a person wanted in a case”.

An RCN, issued by Interpol at the request of a country, is a circular intended to locate in the world and provisionally arrest an individual awaiting extradition.

It is essential to initiate the extradition procedure. “Once the RCN is issued, the police confirm the identity and place of residence of the accused in his country. Once it is established, the extradition procedure begins,” said a senior police official.

The process, however, is slow and gets caught up in bureaucratic wrangling and controversy.

Recently, the Punjab Police and the Home Ministry had a dispute over the MRC against Goldy Brar, who claimed responsibility for Moosewala’s murder.

The Punjab Police claimed that the Center did not react quickly to the issuance of RCN against gangsters. He said an inquiry about Goldy Brar had been sent twice – first in November 2021 and then on May 19 this year, 10 days before Moosewala was murdered. The CBI, however, said the request was received on May 30, a day after the murder.

Police officials say the Canadian government is not cooperating when it comes to extradition proceedings. Jassi’s honor killing is a good example. Canada extradited two defendants 18 years after the crime.

Officials hope that the situation could change now. “Lately, the Canadian government has been confronted with targeted killings, drug trafficking and gang wars. It is suspected that the seven gangsters and radicals are involved in these incidents. With Canada also being the hardest hit, we hope authorities there will respond positively to India’s persistent request for their extradition,” they said.

They refer to the targeted assassination of Ripudaman Singh Malik. The role of radical leader Hardeep Nijjar and gangster Arshdeep Dala is suspected. Canadian police, in their biggest anti-drug operations last year, arrested more than 20 Punjabi-cum-gangster drug traffickers.

On police list, hide offshore

Category “A”, radicalized gangsters

Satwinderjit Singh, aka Goldy Brar

Native: Adesh Nagar, Muktsar


  • Implicated in the murders of Sidhu Moosewala and Youth Congress leader Gurlal Pehalwan
  • Provided support in the form of finances, weapons, hideouts, and vehicles used in criminal activity
  • Wanted for murder, targeted killings, extortion, terrorist activities punishable under UAPA, and drug and arms trafficking

Watch circular: Yes, in January and May 2021

Notice from the red corner: Yes, after Moosewala’s murder

I went to Canada on a study visa

Arshdeep Singh, aka Arsh Dala

Native: Dala Village, Moga District


  • He is wanted for the murder of Ripudaman Singh Malik
  • Youth radicalization expert in association with wanted terrorist Hardeep Nijjar
  • Send money to gangsters and terrorists in Punjab

Watch circular: Yes (April 1, 2021, by Moga Police and May 27, 2021, by Faridkot Police)

Notice from the red corner: No. Reminder sent to Government of India on 12 November 2021

Holder of public relations; residing in British Columbia (BC)

Ramandep Singh, aka Raman Judge

Native: Baba Ram Lal Nagar, Ferozepur


  • He is the brother of imprisoned gangster Gagandeep Singh of Jaipal Bhullar gang
  • Radicalized young people and incited them to commit targeted killings
  • Organized finance and weapons for the 2020 murder of a dera follower and the 2021 attack on a priest in Phillaur

Watch circular: Yes, April 1, 2021

Notice from the red corner: No. Reminder sent on November 12, 2011; investigation transferred to NIA

Obtained a study visa; residing in British Columbia

Charanjit Singh, aka Rinku Randhawa

Native: Bihla village, Barnala district


  • He is wanted for murder, extortion, attempted murder and targeted killings.
  • Assistant to gangster Arshdeep Singh helps criminals flee Punjab
  • Organized finance and weapons for the 2020 murder of a dera follower and the 2021 attack on a priest in Phillaur

Watch circular: Opened by Moga Police on June 10, 2021

Notice from the red corner: No. Last reminder to the Government of India on November 12, 2021; probe transferred to NIA

Passport obtained on fake details

Lakhbir Singh, aka Landa

Native: Harike, Tarn Taran


  • Accused in a case related to an attack on Intel headquarters
  • Associate of notorious mobsters Daya Singh aka Preet Sekhon and Tajinder aka Teja
  • Extortion calls on doctors, businessmen, actors and developers in Punjab

Watch circular: Yes | Notice from the red corner: Nope

No information on how he got to Canada

Unclassified gangsters

Gurpinder Singh, aka Baba Dalla

Native: Dalla Village, Ludhiana District


  • He owned a car workshop in the village of Badni Kalan; got involved in petty disputes and became a prominent member of the Sukhpreet Budda gang
  • Posted a message that Budda would kill the sacrilegious accused Mahidnerpal Singh in Nabha prison; he was later killed

Watch circular: Nope

Notice from the red corner: Nope

Obtained a visitor visa; residing in British Columbia

Sukhdul Singh aka Sukha Duneke

Native: Duneke Village, Moga District


  • He, together with the gangster Lucky Patyal (who is in Armenia), manages the activities of the Bambiha gang from abroad
  • Wanted for murder, aiding the escape of prisoners, wounding by dangerous weapons, rioting and criminal intimidation

Watch circular: Yes, December 9, 2021

Notice from the red corner: Being processed

Obtained a visitor visa; residing in Ontario

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