Gardai launches drug awareness campaign for middle school students

DUBLIN, Ireland – As part of its “Campus Watch” program, Garda is launching its drug awareness campaign #Riseabovetheinfluence as students return to university. The campaign aims to encourage students to seek out positive influences and avoid the harmful consequences of drug abuse.

“Freshers’ week should be a time of celebration, the start of something good in your life. Don’t let drug use end your career before it begins,” the Detective Superintendent said Tuesday. Se McCormack of the Garda National Drugs and Organized Crime Bureau.

“If you use drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, ketamine and MDMA, you are committing a criminal offense and you also risk addiction, loss of career opportunities, underachievement and international travel restrictions. Taking other substances such as cannabis edibles: jellies, candies, drinks, vapes or synthetic cannabinoids or nitrous oxide balloons also carries health risks and lawsuits. “

“Taking non-prescribed ‘study’ drugs or sleeping pills can lead to anxiety, dependence and psychosis. Multiple or poly-drug use is extremely dangerous and increases the risk of overdose or death.” , McCormack said.

“While we strive to ensure the safety of people, we believe that you can also help keep you safe.
Contact emergency services if you become ill after using a drug or if you are in the presence of someone who may be ill. “

“Our message ‘Rise above the influence’ is simple. Your future is in your hands. Look for positive influences on campus. Choose the influences that will enhance your future career. Make responsible decisions for yourself and be aware of those who surround you. Don do not become another victim of drug trafficking, “said the detective commissioner.

“Drug use can lead to addiction, debt, jail and the destruction of your physical and mental health. You don’t know what you’re taking. You don’t know where it will take you.”

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