Ghana: FDA and MUSIGA launch campaign against drug addiction


The Food and Drug Authority (FDA), in partnership with the Musicians’ Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), has launched an anti-drug campaign to alleviate drug addiction among the country’s youth.

The campaign, which is a music video featuring top musicians including Kwame Eugene, Article Wan, Eno Brony and Bogo Blay, was released yesterday.

This was contained in a statement signed and released by FDA CEO Ms. Delese Darko yesterday in Accra.

He said the music video was staged in selected mixed urban settings depicting different scenes of substance abuse unique to Ghanaian communities, with an emphasis on tobacco, recreational tramadol and the corresponding social facilitators.

He denounced the harmful effects of drug abuse, especially on young people, calling it “catastrophic”.

“The harmful effects of drug abuse are disastrous and include a decreased immune system, infectious disease, cardiovascular, respiratory and gastrointestinal problems and, ultimately, death,” the statement read.

The music video was part of the FDA’s overall strategy to educate the public about drug addiction and complements its broad regulatory interventions and actions to reduce drug abuse and smoking among young people.

“The clip is part of the FDA’s overall strategy to educate the public about drug addiction.

“This is in addition to the FDA’s broad regulatory interventions and actions aimed at mitigating drug abuse and tobacco use to ensure responsible use of controlled drugs,” the statement said.


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