Haleem urges government to train JIT to identify and arrest drug traffickers – Pakistan

KARACHI: Sindh Assembly Opposition Leader Haleem Adil Sheikh on Monday called on the federal government to form a joint investigative team to further investigate Dr Rizwan’s report for the arrest of drug traffickers drugs operating in Karachi and to expose the influential people who patronize the illicit narcotics trade in the metropolis.

He was talking to reporters in the Municipal Court building where he appeared in court in connection with a defamation case brought by provincial minister Saeed Ghani against the opposition leader and a private television station.

Petitioner Saeed Ghani in defamation cases accused Haleem Adil Sheikh of making baseless allegations against him on a TV show and attempted to undermine Ghani’s reputation.

The court indicted opposition leader Haleem Adil Sheikh while the accused denied the charges. The court adjourned the hearing and called witnesses for the prosecution on February 12.

Haleem Adil Sheikh, in an interview with reporters, said that he did not accuse Saeed Ghani of drug trafficking, but that a PSP agent in his investigation report accused the provincial minister of dating drug dealers who also included close relatives of said minister.

The PPP Sindh government removed Saeed Ghani’s name from Dr Rizwan’s report, but a video statement from Hamidullah was still present in which he could be seen saying who he had worked for, he argued.

The Anti-Narcotics Force should take action on Dr. Rizwan’s report while the federal government should form a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) made up of agents from various federal investigative agencies to investigate Dr. Rizwan’s report and check the facts and determine if Ghani is true or Dr. Rizwan’s report was correct, demanded Haleem.

‘I will vigorously defend the charges and also file an application with the High Court for it to be revealed who is selling drugs,’ he promised.

“I have been implicated in bogus cases in Kunri and Ghotki before, had attended the hearings for two years and honorably cleared of all cases by the courts,” he said.

PPP supporters attacked his trailer during a by-election in PS-88 and a bogus case was also filed against him and he was detained for half a month, Haleem said, adding that he was doing facing the case and hoped that he would be acquitted. the false case by the courts.

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto’s PPP had notable movements for democracy and human rights under its belt, but today the PPP believes only in reprisals and victimization of political opponents, he said. said, adding that four defamation cases had been filed against him.

Referring to the Shaheed Nazim Jokhio murder case, the opposition leader alleged that the case was incapacitated by the prosecution and prosecutors were supporting the accused as a mere challan was presented in which all defendants received a clear note.

“A report by Investigator Siraj Lashari was shelved because the Sindh government wanted the faulty former interim challan to be considered the last, but the PTI would resist a decision to bring justice to Shereen Jokhio, widow of the late Nazim Jokhio,” he swore. .

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