Haryana BJP recruits ex-servicemen to publicize Agnipath scheme: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Sumedha Sharma

Gurugram, June 20

In order to control the damage caused by Agnipath’s recruitment scheme, Haryana BJP will now appeal to ex-soldiers to tell the youths about the same.

State Party Chairman, OP Dhankar today called a review meeting at the party office in Gurukamal in the city to reflect on the recent violent protests in Haryana. Claiming that young people were misled by social media and rumors about the Dhankar scheme

announced a major online and offline campaign to reach young people and “clarify” doubts. The party believes that former soldiers will be best suited for the job.

“Hearing it from the horse’s mouth will erase all rumors. These soldiers have been an inspiration to young people in their respective towns and cities. They will go into each house and explain what young people can accomplish by being an Agniveer. Their word will be unbiased

and free from any political or personal motives,” Dhankar said.

Rajya Sabha MP and Lt. Gen. DP Vats (Retired) said Agnipath was a game-changing program that would advance Indian defense miles. “We have to meet international defense standards and having a young force is one of the main requirements. It is not only the nation that would like

win but also young men who will have better career prospects. Short Commission agents are even DCs in the state, so what other assurance of the future do we want. The majority of protesters are not fully aware of things, but we will fight rumors knowingly,” Lt. Gen. Vats said.

Sources said local workers were told not only to tab on social media and WhatsApp groups for any anti-Agneepath messages, but also to start posting pro-regime material online.

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