Haryana IPS officer chooses 25 villages to make them drug-free, violence-free


Haryana IPS officer Rakesh Kumar Arya, who currently serves as Hisar Channel’s IGP, has selected 25 villages under his jurisdiction that he plans to make drug-free.

Arya said he himself would monitor all efforts in the drug crusade, starting with identifying drug addicts, through their treatment, to launching a campaign against drug trafficking.

Arya (45), an IPS officer from the Class of 2003, says he will visit these villages himself to interact with the villagers to periodically review the results of the campaign. “In addition to severing the drug supply chain, we also want to verify its demand by making coordinated efforts,” Arya told The Indian Express.

First, as part of the campaign, five villages were identified in each district most affected by drugs and violence. A dedicated team of 5 to 6 police officers will be formed for each district under the supervision of DSP and ASP level officers. Women officers and officers who can convey a human touch have been included in the team, says Arya.

As a first step, the team members will sit down with the villagers, including the young people, to discuss the problem of drugs and violence. Then, a village-level committee will be formed which will conduct door-to-door surveys to identify possible drug addicts. The committee will note all the details, including the age of the person concerned, since when they have been addicted, the type of drug they use, its source and the family’s financial situation.

The police team then, with the help of this committee, will do everything to get these drug addicts out of the web of addiction by organizing their support and their medication. Psychiatrists and psychologists from public district hospitals will be called in for these sessions. Efforts will be made to ensure that these addicts get jobs so that they are busy in their lives. On the other hand, people found to be involved in drug trafficking will be motivated to exit. Police will keep an eye out for those not in line and strict legal proceedings will be initiated against them.

Officials from the IGP office will also visit these villages to encourage young people to stay away from drugs and violence. Cultural functions will be organized, aside from sporting events for each age group, with sources indicating that scripts for street drug games have already been drafted. The campaign’s top performing youth and drug-quitting drug addicts will be honored by senior police officers.

Drug addicts who are cured of their old ways will be inspired to start sanitation campaigns, tree plantations or social services in other forms. Young people will be informed about recruitment into the police and the army. As part of the campaign, people will be made aware of the social assistance schemes of central and state governments. After ensuring the results, a sign will be posted in the village concerned indicating “My village, my pride: village without drugs and without violence”.


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