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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A rally slated for next weekend comes as sexual assault cases continue to rise on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus.

The event will be the third gathering of Indiana’s sexual assault awareness campaign, also known as ISAAC.

The group was started by students at Indiana Purdue University-Indianapolis just over a month ago after a reported sexual assault in a dormitory.

IUPUI freshman Noah Thomas is a member of ISAAC. “I just looked for a sexual drumkit. There were 14. Rape, there were 16. Harassment, there were nine. Harassment, there were 12.

Thomas has kept a close eye on college campuses in Indiana, and the numbers he refers to are reports from IU Bloomington. “Something needs to change, and I’m sure the university is concerned, but what have they done? ”

The freshman said his strong statement came from his own experience on the IUPUI campus. Thomas said on Friday that his group’s demands in September had not been met by campus officials.

Another ISAAC member and IUPUI freshman, Caeley Hayes, said on Friday the fight was continuing.

“I mean we still don’t have cameras here anymore, so it’s still something we’re going to fight for, not just for the IUPUI but for all the other campuses,” Hayes said.

IUPUI Sophomore Kaitlyn Dibble said that was the reason the group was going on a trip to the IU Bloomington campus. “When one in four women at 33 major college campuses in the United States experiences sexual assault, we really need to work on it from an educational perspective rather than trying to fix it. temporary. “

Bloomington Police said they were very careful. IU Police Chief Jill Lees said: “Sexual assaults are on the rise. IUPD is very concerned about this and we take it very seriously.

The police chief said she did not know what was causing the increase in cases, but encouraged students to continue reporting them “because we want to create a safe environment here on campus.” .

However, Lees said, police were not aware of the latest decision announced on social media by the university newspaper. He said fraternity parties and sister events are being canceled indefinitely.

“Although I work closely with Greek Life and with the Pan-Hellenic and Interfaith Council, I was not sure what their decision was or what they were doing to reverse the twin events,” Lees said.

Thomas was also unsure who initiated the cancellations, but said it was a good step. “If the frats did it, good for them, then they realize that there is a problem and they have to solve it. If it was the school and not the fraternities, then the fraternities must realize that they are wrong and must be immediately held accountable.

News 8 has contacted the university to learn more about the canceled events and has had no response.

IUPUI students are heading to Bloomington to demonstrate next Sunday, November 14th.

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