Jung Woo as a helpless family man in dire need of money

Netflix is ​​ready to add another exciting Korean show to its roster in August. The Swoon has fallen A model family Trailer on YouTube and social media after teasing fans with footage a few days ago. The crime drama stars Jung Woo as Dong-ha, Park Hee-soon as Gwang-cheol, Yoon Jin-seo as Eun-joo, and Park Ji-yeon as Joo-hyun.

In the trailer, we meet Dong-ha, a teacher who needs money to get his son treated. Dong-ha’s wife, Eun-Joo, resents him for not being able to provide money when the family needs it most. One day, Dong-ha finds a lot of money in a vehicle. The professor takes this money without thinking too much about the consequences.

Unfortunately, the money he takes belongs to a number 2 man in the drug dealing market, Gwang-Cheol. When Cheol finds out about Dong-Ha, he involves him in illicit drug activities/supplies. Dong-Ha is in trouble because he not only fails to help his family, but he has to focus on the problems he got into.

Adding to the problem is Detective Joo-Hyun, the leader of an anti-drug squad investigating Gwang-Cheol. During Cheol’s investigation, Hyun also discovers Dong-Ha. He is shocked to see that a model family man, a teacher like him, is part of the company.

What will be the fate of Dong-Ha? Will he get caught and lose his family? We’ll find out when the show hits Netflix. The creators describe the Korean thriller as follows: “They are the perfect family on paper. In reality, they are short of money and about to divorce. drugs. Could this be their saving grace or their worst nightmare?”

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Jung Woo is ready to give a powerful performance in the show. His character, who is in dire need of money, says lines that are sadly true. Woo says, “War, disease, accidents, a lot of people die because of these things. But many more people are dying because of money.

Watch the Model Family Trailer

Along with the trailer, The Swoon also dropped an exciting poster of the show.

A Model Family is directed by Kim Jin-woo. He will come out on netflix on August 12, 2022.

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