Killing Eve: Villanelle created her most gruesome murder

The fourth and final season of Killing Eve just gave Jodie Comer’s Villanelle an impromptu vigilante crusade, which led to her most horrific murder.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Killing Eve Season 4, Episode 5, “Don’t Get Attached”, available now on BBC America and AMC+.

When it comes to murder in Kill Eve, Jodie Comer’s Villanelle saw it as a game. Sure, she’d be paid by the Twelve or whoever hired her, but for her, it was fun. But over the course of the show, getting to know and love Eve (Sandra Oh) brought out the humanity in her.

Unfortunately, as she tried to find ways to rebuke this murderous life, like finding Christianity, Villanelle found herself in the same place: alone, angry, and embracing her inner darkness. This is why she couldn’t control her emotions, murdering Vicar Phil and May, which ultimately led Eve to turn her in. She eventually got out and headed to Cuba on a new mission, but as she embarked on an impromptu vigilante crusade, Villanelle landed her most gruesome murder yet.

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Villanelle became a vigilante in Killing Eve

Villanelle has done a few mean kills on the show, like throwing Rhiann in front of a train to prove she’s the best assassin. But in Havana, she found a purpose and a way to channel the rage, maybe even catch up with her checkered past and achieve some good karma. This drama unfolded after Carolyn flipped her to help defeat Helen, along with the Twelve.

Villanelle agreed, sick of being weaponized by Hélène, which led to her befriending the maid, Benita. Benita clearly saw her as a girl, cooking for her a parcel, and even approving him of the murder of a Russian spy that Carolyn was torturing for interrogation. The reason is that Benita hated toxic men because they reminded her of her abusive husband, Camilo. The firefighter actually burned and scarred her, which Villanelle realized, understanding the trauma he had inflicted on the poor woman.

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It reminded Villanelle of her violent past and how she couldn’t trust her family, her lovers, or people in general in this life. Taking pity on Benita, Villanelle faked a fire in a loft, lured Camilo upstairs, and beat him. She grabbed the high-pressure hose, but rather than hose it down, she stuck it in her mouth and drowned it.

Villanelle became a vigilante in Killing Eve

Luckily, the series didn’t show the graphic finale, but as the water filled him up and spewed him out, he reveled in it. Villanelle then took her money and credit cards back to Benita to go shopping, but the maid asked for another favor: helping poor Cuban women who had their own Camilos. Villanelle took the work off-screen, but confirmed that once it was completed, she had to settle for her own Camilo afterwards: Hélène.

After the crusade, she ends up reuniting with her former mentor, Konstantin, to reunite with Hélène, carried by Cuba. She was now ready to end her own cycle of emotional abuse from the villain, who kept manipulating pawns like her and Pam into terrorists. It might not have been physical domestic violence, but Villanelle could tell that Helen had called her a dog of war, which is why she had to end this control as soon as possible.

Killing Eve Season 4 is now airing on BBC America, with episodes airing the following day on AMC+. Seasons 1-3 are currently available to stream on Hulu.

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