Long Island repeat offender accused of harassing worshipers at synagogue


A repeat offender accused of threatening law enforcement officers and members of the Jewish community in New Jersey and Long Island reoffended in Fort Lee, New Jersey, authorities said.

Bradley Goldberg, a 47-year-old Nassau County resident, from Cedarhurst, had previously spent a week in Bergen County Jail after Fort Lee police said he pretended to be an 11-year-old mistreated as part of a relentless harassment campaign against them when he was arrested again.

Goldberg had been free for 10 days when they said he stood in front of Fort Lee’s Chabad “harassing worshipers entering and leaving the building,” Lt. Edward Young said.

Police found Goldberg opposite the Abbott Boulevard synagogue and took him into custody on repeated charges of stalking and harassment shortly before 8 a.m. Monday, Young said.

A Hackensack judge later ordered that he remain in custody in Bergen County Jail pending further legal action.

Goldberg, who was still in the Hackensack County dungeon on Saturday, had previously been charged with assault, hate crimes, aggravated harassment, criminal harassment, obstruction, threat and criminal contempt when he was was arrested again in Nassau County in May, records show.

Authorities said he had waged an 18-month campaign of harassment and threats of violence against police and members of the Jewish community.

Goldberg reportedly made more than 1,000 calls to officers and detectives in Manhasset, Jewish community leaders in Port Washington and Great Neck, and lawyers who had previously represented him.

During an appeal, the authorities accused him, he said that “my new objective is to blow up one of the officers of the Sixth Police Station.

“I want to see the body as proof,” he reportedly added.

Goldberg was wanted in New Jersey when he was arrested on the island.

Fort Lee Police said he used a voice modifier and untraceable “spoofing” numbers as part of the harassment campaign against them.

Calling the seat several times over a three-week period, the forensic accountant falsely reported: “child abuse, neglect and attempted murder” of real youth, according to complaint obtained by Daily Voice .

Even though police determined the charges to be false and told him so, Goldberg continued to call “several times a day” and email them with more false charges, according to the complaint.

He also demanded a welfare check from the victim’s address – despite a court order barring contact with the victim through other people – and threatened to continue calling “a thousand times a day” in the midst of repeated stop requests, he said.

Goldberg also “threatened to commit a crime against members of the Fort Lee Police Department” while making “derogatory comments about the officers of the department, [advising] on how they can harm themselves “and by making” several comments about family members, “according to the complaint.

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