Maxine Peake launches Fortalice Christmas campaign

BOLTON actor Maxine Peake is launching a special Christmas campaign to benefit Fortalice.

The charity that helps people affected by domestic violence runs the Find Peace campaign to raise funds to maintain vital telephone service.

Patron of the Bolton-based charity, Maxine said: “It is an honor to be a Patron of Fortalice, the work they do to help victims of abuse in Bolton is phenomenal.

“Hearing Amelia’s story and the number of families Fortalice helped last year is an awareness of how often this happens in the borough.

“I ask you to support Fortalice this Christmas and together we can continue to keep families safe. ”

Christmas and the New Year are for many a time of joy, celebration and conviviality.

Maxine Peake (Photo: PA)

But for families experiencing domestic violence, it includes anxiety, fear, terror, and the desire for it all to be over.

In time for Christmas, Fortalice is asking people to support them by raising funds to continue their vital hotline service, helping victims of domestic violence not only find peace this Christmas, but also for the future.

FORTALICE: Find Peace for Christmas Campaign

FORTALICE: Find Peace for Christmas Campaign

Amelia, a domestic violence survivor, shared her story as part of the campaign.

She said she was 21 when she first met her partner, whom he really loved, but when she got pregnant he started to become controlling.

When her son was three months old, her partner physically and verbally assaulted her.

Amelia phoned Fortalice and said “it was a lifeline”.

Mother and son moved into a shelter and were finally able to spend Christmas safely.

She said: “We finally felt safe, we could finally have a Christmas together like I had when I was a child.”

Fortalice provides several front-line services, including their live web chat and a 24-hour emergency phone line, to help families in need.

During the pandemic, the demand for phone calls increased by 45% compared to 2019.

Many victims like Amelia who experience domestic violence use this as a form of contact for help.

It costs Fortalice £ 15 for each call to the crisis line and due to limited funding they rely heavily on donations and support from the local population.

Gill Smallwood, Managing Director of Fortalice, said: “

“If you can help us support them, through our ‘Find Peace This Christmas’ campaign, we would really appreciate it. ”

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