More powerful and deadly than fentanyl: what you need to know about the new street drug

President of the Florida Chapter of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, Julieta Santagostino, conducts an anti-drug education seminar using the Foundation’s educational materials for students.

Veteran anti-drug educator Julieta Santagostino explains what you need to know about the new “ISO” drug.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, April 14, 2022 / — “The main thing to know about new drugs like ISO (isotonitazene) is that other drugs can be mixed with it,” says Julieta Santagostino, president of the Florida Drug Free Foundation chapter based in Clearwater, Florida. “It’s already done frequently with fentanyl to make other drugs more potent.” Any street drug could have an ISO added without the knowledge of the buyer.

ISO is a synthetic opioid that is about 20 to 100 times stronger than fentanyl according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. “Isotonitazene, also known as ISO, is so potent that it can kill simply by coming into contact with someone’s skin or being accidentally inhaled,” Florida Attorney General Ashley said. Moody’s in a statement in March this year. According to the Pinellas County Opioid Task Force, one person dies every 26 hours from an opioid-related overdose in Pinellas County.

Testing by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Crime Lab found ISO has been found in multiple Florida counties since 2020.

To strengthen drug prevention efforts, says Santagostino, “it’s also important to understand what a drug is and how it works. When I do seminars with children, I always ask them if they know the answer. She says many of these students respond with concrete examples based on what they’ve heard and seen among their friends and family.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office says signs of an ISO overdose include blue or purple lips and fingernails, difficulty breathing, clammy skin, loss of consciousness, drowsiness, vomiting and “pinned” pupils. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said these symptoms can occur within minutes of exposure.
If you think someone is overdosing on ISO, call 911.

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