Mumbai Police launch awareness campaign to make city safer for women

Mumbai Police has launched an awareness campaign against eve-teasing across the city starting from Tuesday. The police have posted posters and related information on their social media handles advising citizens to dial 100 as soon as such incidents occur, so that the police can help in the best way possible.

With hashtags and slogans like #StopEveTeasing #StopEyeingHer #Dial100 and “If not now, then when?”, the awareness campaign has begun. It is also mentioned that in case of such an incident, the victim should report to the nearest police station, dial 100 or tag Mumbai Police on Twitter for more information.

Explaining the rationale for the campaign and how the police will respond to complaints, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Mahesh Reddy, said: “This campaign has been launched to increase the focus on crime against women across the town and to encourage women to come forward in case they experience such incidents. »

“In addition, whenever a complaint is received, the police will attend the scene as soon as possible and take legal action appropriate to the incident. If the accused is available, he will be taken to the police station and to the required section of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) will be enforced and an arrest will be made.

If the accused is not available and the victim can identify them or provide information about them, we will use that information to identify and locate the accused,” he added.

Earlier this year, at the annual crime press conference, it was mentioned that crimes against women and cybercrimes are two of the city’s top police priorities. For the first time in many years, cases of crimes against women saw a drop in 2021 compared to 2019 due to the pandemic. According to police data, 5,946 such cases were recorded in 2021 compared to 6,438 cases in 2019.

Women’s voices
Neha Shukla, West Khar
“Eve-teasing is experienced by almost all women throughout their lives, especially during their youth. It is something that is very difficult to eradicate from society, but reminding people and initiating such campaigns, helps to educate citizens so that it can at least be controlled.”

Joslin Kurian, Nalasopara
“Campaigns like this build women’s confidence to stop being afraid and call out people who don’t respect women. It also gives them confidence that there is someone to protect them at their fingertips. telephone.”

Teena Varghese, Borivali
“I don’t know if the police will be able to get there in time every time there is a teasing complaint because it usually happens within seconds or minutes when someone is whistling or calling names or rubbing deliberately arm at women. However, women should either give them a stern look or take a picture of them and tag them to the police on Twitter.”

Saniya Shaikh, West Santacruz
“I think women should call the police and make sure these people are arrested because not only will that serve as a punishment for them, but it will also send a message to others like them, that things will not be taken at lightly even if it’s just a dirty look.”

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