Negative Police Operations Reports Deserve PNP Reflection – Eleazar

Philippine National Police Chief (PNP) Police General Guillermo Eleazar said on Wednesday that criticism from many investigative bodies of the police warranted reflection within the organization.

Interviewed on the ANC, Eleazar pointed out that the PNP evaluated and improved through the experiences.

“Yes of course. It still is. Lagi naman. We learned from what we went through before,” he said when asked if the reports from different organizations on police operations deserved attention. reflection on the part of the PNP.

In June, the International Criminal Court (ICC) called on alleged victims of the Philippine government’s war on drugs to submit their views, concerns and expectations regarding the possible investigation.

The then prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, asked for permission to open a full investigation into the murders linked to the war on drugs, saying that crimes against humanity could have been committed.

Last July, an international human rights watchdog expressed concern over the Philippine police’s alleged cover-up and the lack of credible autopsies in its murders during anti-drug operations.

In its second report, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry into Human Rights Violations in the Philippines said the PNP continued to “cover up” the circumstances of the deaths related to the war on drugs.

Recently, former education secretary Edilberto de Jesus in his article at Ateneo de Manila University claimed that “the privileges granted to the cops have given rise to corruption and abuse of power” amid the war on drugs.

Eleazar earlier disputed the results.

“I want to stress that the PNP and others responsible for the war on drugs have never enjoyed any privilege as claimed by the study,” he said.

“The campaign against illegal drugs is part of our mandate, just as it is our duty to act against and prevent other crimes,” he added. —KBK, GMA News

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