New ads urge parents to ‘enforce’ as another $46m pledged for campaign

“Now that Australians have a better understanding of this issue and are ready to act, we now need to focus on proactive and preventative conversations with young people – before a problem arises,” said Senator Ruston.

“Every little conversation we have with young people around respectful relationships is an opportunity to instill the positive attitudes that will see them lead happy, healthy lives as adults.”


The $19 million campaign will include television, social media and outdoor posters such as bus shelters.

Australia’s National Research Organization for Women’s Safety has already found that a disturbing number of young men – up to 30% in some cases – do not understand that controlling behaviors in a relationship are not acceptable, and that young people were less likely to take action to stop sexism or abuse than older Australians.

The organization is currently carrying out an updated study of young people’s attitudes towards violence against women and respectful relationships to see what has changed over the past four years.

The newly allocated $46 million, which will be announced on Friday, will fund two more rounds of ads. These will likely focus on new and emerging issues such as technology-facilitated abuse.

This is in addition to funding, announced earlier in March as part of a $189 million package, for campaigns to discuss consent with young people and focus on the conflicting attitudes and expectations of some men. who can condone or condone violence.

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