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KOCHI: Bravo, a sniffer dog, was a big help to the police in catching drug dealers in the city. Now the city police have decided to bring in two more dogs like Bravo to join the city patrol and start a massive campaign against drug trafficking in the city.

Police say that with this, the 27 identified drug hotspots in the city will be under close surveillance. Urban Patrol Squads are trained dogs that can track a scent left by an individual to identify items in their possession or left by them. Well done, Labrador, trained to detect and find narcotics, including ganja, has worked with Kochi City Police, the District Anti-Narcotics Special Action Force (DANSAF) and other agencies. New team members Julie and Tessy are specially trained Dobermans.

KA Thomas, ACP, Kochi City Police Narcotics Unit, said adding two more dogs to the team would strengthen existing surveillance. “The police have made a long-term plan to end the drug threat. We have identified 27 hot spots where five or more cases of drug abuse and drug trafficking have been reported, ”he said. These areas include Fort Kochi, Mattanchery, Kakkanad, Kaloor, and Infopark.

Officials said Tessy and Julie completed their training in Haryana. Plainclothes police will also be deployed on duty in the hot spots. Team members will collect contributions from the residents’ association and janamaitri committees.

Police said cases recorded under NDPS showed a drop in the city amid the Covid pandemic. “First of all, we are broadcasting awareness programs. With the help of police cadets, school protection groups and other organizations, we will identify drug addicts among the students and provide them with counseling, ”Thomas said.

Execution figures
2021 (January 1-May 30)
NDPS-447 case
Ganja seared-38 kg
Hash oil – 1.5 kg
LSD-733 stamp nos
Nitrazepam-108 tablets nos


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