Norfolk campaign highlights summer spike in domestic violence

12:08 28 July 2022

An increase in domestic violence during the summer months is highlighted in a new awareness campaign.

Launched by Norfolk Police, councils and charities, the campaign aims to get the message across that just because the sun is up doesn’t mean crime behind closed doors stops.

Statistics show that the reverse is true, with the number of domestic violence crimes reported to police increasing during the summer periods between 2019 and 2021 by almost a quarter, from 2,991 to 3,673.

Over the past three years as a whole – almost a third, 10,355, of the 38,181 domestic violence crimes occurred in the summer months.

Andy Coller, temporary detective superintendent for backup. Photo: DENISE BRADLEY
Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

Detective Superintendent Andy Coller, co-chair of the DASVG (Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Group), said: “We know that domestic violence occurs throughout the year in all sections of the community, but we are aware that we can see an increase during the summer months.

“It’s not entirely clear why this is happening, but it may be related to population expansion as tourists vacation in the county, more social gatherings, and consumerism. alcohol and more pressure on families during school holidays.

“Although it’s important to recognize that domestic violence doesn’t stop when the summer ends.”

The campaign aims to encourage people to seek help and support, including perpetrators and hard-to-reach groups.

Organizations will share social media posts highlighting groups, projects and resources that can help victims – this will include the LGBTQI+ community, children and those from more diverse communities.

Earlier this year, a county-wide domestic violence service was launched to provide free, confidential, non-judgmental support to those affected and their children to help them recover and build a new life without violence.

• If you are a victim of domestic violence or a witness to violence, in an emergency call 999. In non-emergencies the police can be contacted on 101 or a list of support services can be found here.

• The Silent Solution system means that if you are calling from a mobile phone and the sound puts you in danger but you need immediate help, dial 999 and stay on the line, then press 55 when you are there guest.

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