Paramus Cop featured on anti-drug program Podcast To Talk

PARAMUS, NJ — A Paramus police officer was recently featured in a podcast episode hosted by New Jersey radio host Joe Piscopo discussing his experience teaching students about the dangers of drugs and violence.

During the episode earlier this month, Detective Lt. Jimmy Teehan shared his impact on students who teach them an anti-drug and anti-violence program delivered by the national nonprofit Law Enforcement Against Drugs, according to a statement. Press.

Teehan, who is part of the Paramus LEAD program, was a guest on “A Police Officer You Should Know With Joe Piscopo”, a show launched by the non-profit organization.

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Former LEAD Instructor of the Year, Teehan explained how his teaching experience has “strengthened his relationship with the children at school and with the Paramus community,” the statement said.

Also the head of the community policing division at Paramus, Teehan is a 25-year law enforcement veteran. He teaches the LEAD curriculum in a 10-week program to hundreds of fifth-graders at East Brook and West Brook Middle Schools.

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The LEAD program, which “teaches children how to make smart decisions without the involvement of drugs or violence,” aims to bring communities and law enforcement closer together, the statement said.

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