Pee Safe Launches To-Let-Go Campaign to Raise Large-Scale Toilet Hygiene Awareness Ahead of World Toilet Day | AFN News


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Pee Safe Launches To-Let-Go Campaign to Raise Large-Scale Toilet Hygiene Awareness Ahead of World Toilet Day

Posted on November 16, 2021

The campaign also emphasizes the importance of providing access to toilets for all.

New Delhi: Pee Safe, India’s leading hygiene and wellness brand, launched an integrated campaign called To-Let-Go ahead of World Toilet Day on November 19, 2021. The campaign slogan “Don’t hold the flow , just carry Pee Safe and go with the flow ”speaks for the name“ To-Let-Go ”, which aims to raise awareness of safe toilet practices, especially when using public toilets, in order to avoid infections transmitted through the toilet such as urinary tract infections. The campaign also aims to improve the conditions of toilets by appreciating and acknowledging their very existence. With a mix of online and offline activities and influencers, the campaign aims to reach 10 million people in India. The campaign will begin with a GIANT giveaway of 10,000 toilet seat sanitizers across the country.

Toilets are important, especially for those who do not have access to them. Life without a toilet is dirty, unworthy and dangerous. A toilet alone encompasses various other elements – public health, gender equality, education, the economy and our environment. Even the urge to pee is universal whether you are at home or away from home. However, lack of access to a clean toilet or good hygiene habits can make the situation worse. Through its campaign, Pee Safe aims to raise awareness of these aspects and to instill good hygiene and good toilet habits.

The Pee Safe campaign includes original awareness videos on how people deal with their urge to pee when they don’t have access to a clean toilet, especially women. The brand will also offer free toilet seat disinfectants to raise awareness of best hygiene practices and the risk of urinary tract infections. Around 200 influencers will also be part of this campaign.

Talking about that, Vikas Bagaria, Founder and CEO of Pee Safe, said: “World Toilet Day is important for a number of reasons. The urge to pee counts neither time nor place! It can happen just about anywhere we are. However, what is also needed is access to the toilet and in India, in particular, clean does not always mean sanitized. Now, with the pandemic, the importance of a hygienic toilet has increased dramatically, as lack of access and messy habits can lead to a number of infections. The Pee Safe campaign is extremely special in this regard.

Adding further, Vikas Bagaria, said, “As a brand, our top priority has been to raise awareness of all aspects of hygiene. Our first product was born from personal experience of using an unhygienic toilet. It was only natural for us to take the awareness and availability of related products into our own hands. Even during this integrated campaign, we aim to cover it all and keep working for a better and healthy future for India. “

Pee Safe will also reach the majority of its offline stores, where free toilet seat sanitizers will be distributed for all orders over INR 99 for a day, regardless of what they buy. The giveaway will take place in online and offline formats across India. Pee Safe is also hosting an exclusive giveaway with over 20 colleges across the country to raise awareness about toilet hygiene. In addition to its toilet seat disinfectants, Pee Safe offers a number of other toilet hygiene products. Some of them include vaginal lavage, intimate wipes, etc. From message to product packaging, Pee Safe ensures that information and awareness is delivered in an original, fun and engaging way. The brand regularly engages with influencers and uses its social media handles to post high profile content that is highly relevant to its target audience.

Pee Safe constantly strives to improve public health through bold, topical, pan-Indian digital initiatives on menstrual hygiene methods and needs as well as the role of intimate and personal hygiene. The brand’s online business has jumped 40% in the current quarter and has grown over 70% per year (FY20-21). Currently, Pee Safe is in the process of raising $ 10 million in Series B funding. In addition, Pee Safe plans to expand its retail presence from the current 10,000 stores to a few branded exclusive stores (FOFOs) owned by franchises. to improve the customer experience across India. They have already expanded abroad and are building a local production of toilet seat disinfectants in Europe.


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