‘Remember kids, I’d rather kill myself than..’: Shaquille O’Neal’s ‘Don’t Do Drugs’ plea brought back to live TV to drive Aaron Rodgers’ ‘psychedelic’ revelation

Shaquille O’Neal ruled the NBA world for several years. He used his brute strength to bulldoze opponents inside the painted area and put on a show for his supporters every night. After his retirement, the great man tried his hand at various disciplines, with great success in each.

Shaq is one of the most inspirational people in sport and has always been anti-drugs. When Shaq was a baby, his biological father struggled with addiction and was imprisoned for drug possession. However, the great man never allowed this to affect or lead him astray. This is what propelled him to become the success story he is today.


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However, recently another sports legend opened up about his “psychedelic” experience. NFL great Aaron Rodgers has revealed the secret to his NFL dominance. The quarterback said a psychedelic getaway to South America improved his mental health and helped him have the best season of his career.

He remarked that coming back from South America and winning his next two MVP awards in 2020 and 2021 was not just a “coincidence”.

Trevor Noah broached the subject on his To display. He said, “Do you realize how important this is, people? Aaron Rodgers just said, “Yo, I did drugs and that’s part of the reason I crashed the game.” It shows you how times have changed.

He then brought back Shaq’s anti-drug appeal from the 90s. He continued, “Because you remember in the 90s, they bring someone like Shaq on TV to say, ‘Remember kids, I’d rather kill myself than get high on marijuana. Don’t do drugs! »

Shaquille O’Neal said he would have committed suicide before taking drugs. Well, his dad would have too if he found Shaq while consuming.

Shaquille O’Neal once revealed his dad warned him not to do drugs

Phillip A. Harrison was not Shaq’s biological father, but he was the primary father figure in the NBA legend’s life.


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Harrison was tough on Shaq growing up, which the big man credits with shaping him into the man he is today.

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According to Shaq, Harrison has always been concerned about his son not making the same mistakes as everyone else. Shaq once discussed the impact of Len Bias’ death on his and his father’s life in an interview. Len Bias was a former NBA player who died of a cocaine-induced heart attack just days after being drafted.


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Shaq said, “A tragic story is that Len Bias died after using cocaine. My father came into the house furious. Furious. If you ever do that, I’ll kill you. You won’t have time to overdose. I’m gonna kill you. So I always say you know what, no drugs for me.


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Thanks to Phillip Harrison, Shaq never went down the drug route. Additionally, the Lakers legend has always expressed his gratitude to Harrison for never letting him get involved in drugs and bad company.

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