Sha’Carri Richardson’s ex-partner comes forward to admit abuse allegations

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Just a few weeks ago, the runway star Sha’Carri Richardson revealed that she was healing from an abusive relationship she had with another female athlete. And now the former partner has been identified and has come forward to confirm the allegations. Janeek Brown, 24, also a track champion from Kingston, Jamaica, went live on instagram for a recent interview where she addressed the situation.

“I admit I was violent once there was physical evidence,” she said with seemingly little to no remorse. “And we moved on…I was trying to move on and we still couldn’t get anywhere,” Brown continued.

Richardson, a confident and flamboyant 22-year-old sprinter from Dallas made waves last year by dominating time on the track time and time again while displaying a bright aesthetic and a bold personality. Despite her talents, she was disqualified from the Tokyo Olympics for smoking marijuana, prompting fans to come to her defense in a campaign led by the hashtag, #LetShaCarriRun.

While she never had the opportunity to join his team On the Tokyo track, fans continued to learn more about the personal struggles the young athlete was facing, including the death of her birth mother, who passed away just a week before the start of the Olympic trials in 2021. Recent revolving around the toxic relationship that lasted two years according to Richardson is almost equally heartbreaking. However, she recently took the first steps towards healing by talking about it openly.

“I was in a relationship with a Jamaican athlete who never cared about me since the jump,” she wrote.

“I was abused and robbed, but I protected her from the judgment of her country and her family while they dragged me. I had to deal with homophobes and much more that I am still dealing with to heal.

In the Instagram Live, Brown said she couldn’t talk about Richardson’s relationship with her own family, saying, “it’s between them.”

Brown also insinuates that Richardson’s decision to speak out about the situation is “influence hunting” and continues to call it a “chicken head.”

As Richardson continues to heal from personal trauma, she also has new reason to celebrate after winning the 2022 Duval County Challenge American Track League with a time of 11.27 seconds. Keep running, Sha’Carri! Nothing can hold you back.

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