Shocking image shows child sitting at railway crossing after ‘train selfie’ craze


A shocking image showing a toddler taking photos at a railway crossing is part of CCTV footage released by rail companies warning of the dangers of so-called ‘rail selfies’.

The image shows the baby sitting at the crossing in Harlech as photographs are taken.

In Wales, 433 similar serious incidents have been recorded since the start of the pandemic, leading to joint warnings from Transport for Wales, Network Rail and British Transport Police to stay away or risk potentially consequences deadly.

Another image captured at Cilfrew even shows what appears to be a professional photoshoot in progress.

CCTV captured person having what appeared to be a professional photoshoot on a railroad track Credit: Rail network

Jody Donnelly, a train conductor at Transport for Wales, said many colleagues have faced “frightening and sometimes tragic” incidents at level crossings.

They said, “People seem to think the worst will not happen to them – but if you get caught off guard at a railway crossing, that just isn’t true. Unlike cars, trains can take hundreds of meters to stop when traveling at high speed, which means that a decision to cut tracks can be fatal. “

Before the school holidays, a campaign entitled “At what price?” was launched to raise awareness of the dangers of improper use of level crossings.

Ronnie Gallagher, Head of Level Crossings at Network Rail, said: “Our campaign was designed to complement our priorities in risk management, education and law enforcement, while empowering people across the country. Wales to take into account the real cost of risk-taking at a level crossing.

“With an expected increase in stays and holidays in Wales this summer – not to mention the imminent arrival of school holidays – there has never been a more important time for us to launch a safety awareness campaign around level crossings. “

Teens take selfies on a level crossing in Harlech Credit: Rail network

A film presented as part of a Wales-wide advertising campaign – appearing on TikTok, Instagram and Spotify – aims to raise awareness among young people in Wales.

Richard Powell, UK Transport Police Inspector, said: “Having fun at level crossings, including lingering to take pictures, is illegal and extremely dangerous. You could be sued and be fined £ 1,000.

“Trains approach almost silently, so if you’re distracted you won’t notice until it’s too late. Watch out for level crossings. No photograph is worth the risk for you or the consequences for your family and passers-by. ”


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