SRS Employees Team Up for SRS Centraide 2021 Campaign | News

This year, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS), Centerra, Battelle Savannah River Alliance (BSRA) and Savannah River Remediation (SRR) joined forces and raised a total of $ 1,465,649, surpassing their original goal of $ 1.4 million. dollars for the 2021 Centraide campaign.

All companies met their goal during this year’s joint campaign with the SRNS, raising $ 827,691, exceeding their original goal of $ 800,000; Centerra raised $ 160,000, hitting its goal of $ 160,000; BSRA raised $ 203,379, exceeding its initial goal of $ 200,000; and SRR raised $ 274,579, exceeding its goal of $ 260,000.

This year’s theme was “Strengthening Families. Strengthening Communities ”, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s site-wide campaign was extremely important.

Centraide SRNS 2021 President Rachael Simon was blown away by the overwhelming support from employees throughout the campaign. “With the many challenges we have faced over the past two years, it means a lot that our SRNS employees and SRS employees have stepped forward to support the United Way campaign,” said Simon.

“We couldn’t have had such a big campaign without the help of our SRS family,” she said. “I especially want to express my gratitude to all of the Campaign Chairs for their leadership within their organizations throughout this year’s campaign. We couldn’t have achieved our goal without each of you.

United Way of Aiken President and CEO Sharon Rodgers said United Way of Aiken County is very grateful for the loyal support and generosity during this year’s campaign. “The SRS United Way campaign means the world to United Way of Aiken County, our 30 partner agencies and 45 critical needs programs,” said Rogers. “The SRS campaign is our biggest contributor and helps provide funds so that we can collectively form a safety net to help our most vulnerable citizens tackle the challenges they face every day, such as homelessness, ” food insecurity, child care, medical care, prescription drugs, transportation, home repairs, assistance to utilities, domestic violence, child abuse, and programs for the intellectual and physically disabled .

“More than 125,000 people in Aiken County receive nearly 500,000 services each year. The impact is positively immense and our gratitude is endless. Thank you, SRS, for giving so generously of your time, talents, testimony and treasure to give others the opportunity for a better life, ”said Rogers.

This year’s campaign benefits the following organizations surrounding the Savannah River site: United Way of Aiken County; Centraide of the CSRA; United Way of Edgefield County; McDuffie County United Way; United Way of the Midlands; United Way of Screven County; United Way of South Carolina, including Bamberg, Colleton and Hampton counties; Anderson County United Way; and United Way of Barnwell County, including Allendale County.

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