Street Smart 7 road safety campaign officially launched in local elementary schools

As part of its commitment to make safety a top priority, Fundación Mapfre, in collaboration with Malta Public Transport, the Ministry of Education and the Malta Road Safety Council, launched the Safety Campaign Street Smart 7.

This initiative consists of a series of interactive videos that can be shown to young children by their teachers during school lessons to demonstrate the importance of road safety in an educational and entertaining way. All primary schools in Malta and Gozo are invited and encouraged to participate.

Javier R. Moreno Gonzales, CEO of Mapfre Middlesea, officially launched this event.

“Fundación MAPFRE launched this awareness campaign in Malta in 2013 to promote road safety measures among children and young adults, and it has been very successful with schoolchildren across the island. We are now very happy to launch the seventh edition of this project ”.

The campaign will run over a three-year period, with this year’s interactive videos focusing on safety concerns of being a passenger in a private vehicle, walking and traveling by bus. The videos are aimed at children aged five to nine. However, they can also be enjoyed by younger or older children.

Speaking at the official launch of the Street Smart 7 campaign, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Francis Fabri, welcomed the campaign.

“Children and students are our real agents of change and are definitely in favor of a just and better world. Through this awareness campaign, children should engage in informed and interactive activities while enjoying and enriching their learning experience.

“Fundación Mapfre’s contribution over the past nine years and the next three years will indeed support Transport Malta and Malta Public Transport in their educational mission and support the educational journey of schoolchildren while becoming active and responsible citizens. This is in line with the ministry’s framework for the education strategy for Malta 2030 ”, concluded Dr Fabri.

Through this initiative, children will be invited to choose between two different scenarios as we watch Mr. Safe and his family have different familiar experiences. With popular comedy duo Danusan in the lead roles, we aim to educate the younger generation about safety on our roads and encourage them to be safety ambassadors when they see something wrong.

Malta’s Road Safety Council Executive Chairman Pierre Vella said: “We suddenly came to a halt with the onset of the pandemic after a huge success we had in schools. It is the determination of all those involved in the Fundación Mapfre that has driven this initiative forward. The concept is quite innovative, and the scripts and filming were all created and staged locally, giving the concept a local flair. A new idea that will hopefully continue to evolve in the future.

“We believe that children can make a big difference when it comes to changing our attitude towards safety on our roads. Children are more likely to question the way we do certain things, so this is a fantastic opportunity to mix fun and education to achieve that much needed change, ”said Konrad Pulé, Managing Director of Malta Public Transport.

These interactive videos are offered free of charge. Schools wishing to participate in this campaign can contact the Malta Public Transport Coordination Team at [email protected]

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