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Ex-Carlisle detective jailed for trading official stock for sex | Crime and courts

Staff and son reports HARRISBURG — A former Carlisle police detective who served on a drug task force was sentenced Friday to more than six years in prison for trading official actions for sexual favors. Former Carlisle Police Officer Christopher Collare, 54, of Blythewood, South Carolina, was sentenced on Friday to 75 months for bribery, […]

Supreme Court suspends High Court order allowing citizens to feed stray dogs. Read here

The Supreme Court on Friday suspended a Delhi High Court order that allowed stray dogs to be fed in every residential company. The Supreme Court has issued an opinion to the Animal Welfare Board of India and others on a petition challenging the order of the Delhi High Court regarding the feeding of stray dogs. […]

A Revolutionary Activist’ is a documentary about a local hero – Pasadena Star News

“We know who the gangsters are,” Pasadena civil rights activist Michael Zinzun tells me in a video clip on my laptop here in Pasadena from 2022. “We are not the gangsters,” he continues. “The gangsters are talking about building more prisons and more prisons. We know who the gangsters are. The question is: do you […]

Lashawn McNeil, suspect in fatal Harlem police shooting, was on probation and had already been arrested 5 times – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBS New York) – Investigators are learning more about Lashawn McNeil, the man accused of shooting and killing NYPD Officer Jason Rivera and seriously injuring Officer Wilbert Mora in Harlem, and his potential motives. Police said on Saturday they had yet to speak to McNeil, 47, as he recovered from surgery, but had […]

Alliance for Hockey Diversity: NHL stars launch campaign against racism

[ad_1] Akim Aliu recalled that no one knew what to expect when he and four NHL players of color sat in a circle in a dimly lit locker room and, with the cameras on, were invited to share their most personal experiences. and painful involving racism. “Everyone was really worried – because obviously we’re not […]

United Arab Emirates: Police explain why bicycle accidents increased amid Covid-19 – News

[ad_1] Often runners are forced to speed up to deliver orders on time Photo file Posted: Fri 3 Dec 2021, 17:08 As e-commerce and delivery businesses flourished during the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of bicycle accidents in the United Arab Emirates has also increased. Authorities have expressed concern over the well-being of delivery people and […]

Crime rises on trains and buses in LA as COVID eases

[ad_1] While waiting for a subway train in Hollywood, Maritza Mancilla sheltered behind the escalator bringing passengers into the subway lit by fluorescent lamps. She wanted to see the newcomers before they could see her. The 55-year-old woman, who uses public transport to get to her job as a cleaner, has seen fights break out […]

Kenneth Hardin: New organization still looking to take the High Road – Salisbury Post

[ad_1] Dr King asked, “The most persistent and pressing question in life is: what are you doing for others? The nonprofit High Road Inc. works around the clock to address them in everything we do. Our mission is “to be an advocate for all underestimated and underrepresented people, focusing on equity, justice and equal access.” […]

Police Commission supports $ 213 million increase in LAPD budget

[ad_1] The Los Angeles Police Board on Tuesday approved a $ 213 million budget increase for the police department next year, a plan that would increase police numbers. The committee voted to approve LAPD leader Michel Moore’s request for a budget of $ 1.9 billion, which represents a 12% increase in general fund spending this […]

Crime on trains and buses rises as pandemic abates

[ad_1] While waiting for a subway train in Hollywood, Maritza Mancilla sheltered behind the escalator bringing passengers into the subway lit by fluorescent lamps. She wanted to see the newcomers before they could see her. The 55-year-old woman, who uses public transport to get to her job as a cleaner, has seen fights break out […]

UIC offers Safe Exchange Zone for online shopping transactions

[ad_1] Dear students, teachers and staff, At the start of the fall semester, UIC police announced a year-long safety campaign to raise awareness of personal safety issues. Members of the UIC Police and Student Safety Patrol will be handing out buttons throughout the year to remind you to THINK! on your own safety and reflect […]

Editorial: Arm LA city park rangers? This idea should be shot

[ad_1] Here’s a looming disaster: Park rangers with guns patrolling LA city parks. On Tuesday, a Los Angeles City Council committee will consider a motion from City Councilor Joe Buscaino to arm the city’s park rangers. It’s an extremely bad idea at any time – let alone when the city is supposed to reinvent public […]

Pill can kill, DEA official says of annual drug campaign

[ad_1] Red Ribbon Week is the country’s longest-running drug abuse prevention campaign. It has been honored annually for over three decades and will begin on Monday. Red Ribbon Week was created in honor of Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent who was killed in Mexico in 1985. According to the DEA, millions of […]

Texas Longhorns linebacker Jake Ehlinger died of accidental overdose, family say

[ad_1] AUSTIN (KXAN) – The family of University of Texas student and Texas Longhorns linebacker Jake Ehlinger have said the 20-year-old’s death in May was due to an accidental drug overdose. ‘Absolute loss for words’: Longhorns linebacker Jake Ehlinger found dead off campus In a statement sent Thursday, the Ehlinger family said they learned that […]

Ridley-Thomas charges add to uncertainty at LA city hall

[ad_1] In a town where the mayor is halfway there, a former city councilor has been sentenced to jail and another is awaiting trial, the indictment of City Councilor Mark Ridley-Thomas has dealt another blow to the stability of the government of the city of Los Angeles. Mayor Eric Garcetti is still awaiting a confirmation […]

Nampa Man pleads guilty to distributing methamphetamine | USAO-ID

[ad_1] BOISE – A Nampa man has pleaded guilty to distributing methamphetamine. According to court records, Allen Eugene McLean, 20, of Nampa, sold methamphetamine to another person on two separate occasions. On June 23, 2020, McLean sold 4.5 grams of methamphetamine and on August 13, 2020, he sold 26.7 grams of methamphetamine. As part of […]

Five Towns Drug and Alcohol Coalition Works to Save Lives | Herald Community Newspapers

[ad_1] Two years after its creation, the Saving Lives Five Towns Drug and Alcohol Coalition is launching a new campaign to “Lock, Inventory, Eliminate” prescription drugs with the aim of reducing access to drugs. “Prescription data shows that if drug addicts are able to get used to or stay with substances like Vicodin or Valium, […]

COVID outbreaks in Los Angeles police, firefighters: the numbers

[ad_1] Hello and welcome to Essential California bulletin. It is Tuesday September 28. I am Justin Ray. A revealing new report reveals reluctance to vaccinate among those charged with ensuring public safety. Los Angeles County health officials have identified hundreds of coronavirus outbreaks in police and fire departments since the start of the pandemic. They […]

Charlotte’s agency uses campaign to deter violence in area

[ad_1] Heal Charlotte is spearheading the campaign to be used as a tool to help deter ongoing youth violence. CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – A Charlotte-based agency is doing its part to help tackle the ongoing violence among youth in Queen City. Cure Charlotte spent time on Sunday September 26 working on the “Stop the Violence” […]

DGP bins reports link between team and drug mafia | News Thiruvananthapuram

[ad_1] Thiruvananthapuram: Casting a shadow of doubt on the reputation of the city police’s anti-narcotic operations, reports have revealed that law enforcement officials suspected that members of the DANSAF (District Anti-District Special Action Force) narcotics) here could have formed a connection with members of the narcotics. mafia. The allegations were refuted by the state police […]

US company believes India used software to spy on Pakistan and China

[ad_1] A Russian cybersecurity company had witnessed a cyber espionage campaign targeting Microsoft Windows PCs in China and Pakistan. The CEO of Exodus has said after an investigation that he believes India has handpicked one of the vulnerabilities in Windows for malicious means. India was then barred from purchasing new zero-day research from his company, […]

LA cut police budget, then put $ 47 million in overtime on the city’s “credit card”

[ad_1] LAPD agents at the headquarters of the city center department. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times) Faced with massive protests against the murder of George Floyd, Los Angeles City Council took dramatic and symbolic action last year, cutting $ 150 million from the Police Department’s budget and promising to put that money […]

Who’s running for the sheriff in Buncombe County?

[ad_1] Three candidates have announced their intention to run in the 2022 election for Buncombe County Sheriff, including incumbent Quentin Miller. Miller beat Republican opponent Shad Higgins in a crushing victory in 2018, becoming the county’s first black sheriff. Running against him this time are David Hurley, a democrat and Adrien “AJ” Fox, a Republican. […]

NYPD video hitting man on subway attracts attention of local leaders, community

[ad_1] By Kristina Sgueglia, Mirna Alsharif and Alisha Ebrahimji, CNN (CNN) – Circulating video of a man who was tased by police after saying he helped another passenger escape a New York subway ticket has caught the attention of local politicians and officials community. On July 6, an individual opened an exit door for an […]

Nampa Man Pleads Guilty to Possession with Intent to Distribute Methamphetamine | USAO-ID

[ad_1] BOISE – Cainen Bleu Johnson, 43, of Nampa, has pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, Acting United States Attorney Rafael M. Gonzalez, Jr. Johnson was announced today today. indicted by a federal grand jury in Boise on April 14, 2021. According to court records, Johnson was arrested during a routine traffic […]

July 8 Beach Towns Crime Report – Daily Breeze

[ad_1] MANHATTAN BEACH recommended 9pm routine The Manhattan Beach Police Department has launched an awareness campaign, 9PM Routine, to help reduce the risk of crime. Around 9 p.m., or whenever they stay overnight, residents are reminded to lock garage and vehicle doors, remove valuables from their vehicles, turn on exterior lights, and make sure security […]

Long Island repeat offender accused of harassing worshipers at synagogue

[ad_1] A repeat offender accused of threatening law enforcement officers and members of the Jewish community in New Jersey and Long Island reoffended in Fort Lee, New Jersey, authorities said. Bradley Goldberg, a 47-year-old Nassau County resident, from Cedarhurst, had previously spent a week in Bergen County Jail after Fort Lee police said he pretended […]

Chatham County Police Chief Apologizes After Scam Warnings

[ad_1] Video above: Your headlines from Thursday Chatham County Police Chief apologizes days after his department sent out several notices warning the public of what officials called a scam. with CCPD went to businesses in the area trying to sell advertising to raise money for drug awareness programs. This man did not represent the department […]

LA agrees to pay 4 LAPD agents $ 30,000 each for disputed “blue flu” claims

LOS ANGELES – The city of Los Angeles this week agreed to pay $ 30,000 each to four LAPD agents who alleged in state court that they were unfairly punished for participating in protest action against the “Blue flu” last summer. The four officers claimed they had legitimate reasons to call the sick over the […]

Civil disciplinary committee is more lenient towards accused LAPD agents, according to Inspector General’s review

[ad_1] A review of recent cases of police misconduct by the Inspector General of the Los Angeles Police Department found that hearing panels composed entirely of civilians were more lenient towards accused officers than more traditional panels with two officers and one civil. In the most serious cases, in which officers have been recommended for […]

The shooter in the murderous Los Angeles rampage had an arsenal of weapons at home, sources say

[ad_1] A man who engaged in a shootout in Los Angeles on Tuesday died after exchanging gunfire with police on 91 Freeway in Fullerton. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times) An armed man who engaged in a shootout in Los Angeles on Tuesday – killing two people and injuring two others – had an arsenal […]

LAPD fatally kills suspected gunman who killed 2 people, including a newlywed, in seemingly random madness: cops

[ad_1] Los Angeles Police fatally injured a man they claim led a violent shootout in the downtown area of ​​the city, where he allegedly shot several people and killed two, before leading the officers in a chase by car for several hours, officials said recently. The suspect, described only as a man in his late […]

LAPD officials slam Oscar celebrities for anti-law rhetoric at police-monitored event

The stars at Sunday’s star-studded Oscars took aim at law enforcement as they stepped onto the podium for an event protected by personnel from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), among other agencies. Now union officials are criticizing the big names in Hollywood for their own “contribution to the glorification of guns, drugs and crime,” […]

Why did the White Lives Matter Huntington Beach gathering fail?

When white nationalists did not come out in threatening numbers on Sunday at a rally in Huntington Beach, many counter-protesters saw it as a victory. “We won the day,” Los Angeles activist Najee Ali said hours after the protest began. “They won’t show up. They are vastly outnumbered. The community of Huntington Beach won. Yet […]

Apparently the cops are playing music while filming and that’s for some very sinister reason

[ad_1] In recent years, cops have increasingly expressed contempt for average citizens exercising their constitutional right to record interactions with authorities. It’s almost as if a lot of them feel above the law itself. Now, some officers appear to be trying to escape videos of them circulating on social media with a clever – if […]

Election 2020: LAPD on tactical alert before election night

[ad_1] The Los Angeles Police Department said it was going on tactical alert Tuesday afternoon, a move expected as law enforcement is on guard for any trouble or other issue related to the election. Police said they had no information suggesting problems but wanted to be prepared. The alert allows more officers to be available. […]

Law enforcement agencies, including in Los Angeles, see new push to train officers to stop abuse in their own ranks

[ad_1] This is an archived article and the information in the article may be out of date. Please look at the history’s timestamp to see when it was last updated. Despite policies in place for years that require officers across the United States to prevent their colleagues from using excessive force, little or no effort […]

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